Looking for Advice to 4 man ships in high sec 12b available

Hi. This is a disposable character.

A friend of mine recently leave the game and give me six orcas rigged for mining, in high sec and one rigged for tank/booster. I already have a propoise booster, then can use the booster with some friends of my corp. I dont plan hold the six mining orcas, plus the isk i have, in round numbers i have 12b yo use in other ships.

Myself have two accounts and no much sense to multibox more than that, for my connection.

When i begin some months ago, i remember the Supers are null only and 10- 12b aprox. I dont find any ship ofth 12b value (maybe rorqual or jump freighters) but i play with some dudes in the corp, and i think the better action will be invest in some ships for incursions or level4, already have a fortizar in the corp.

What can we do with 12b in ships for 4 man ?

ideas :
a ) one marauder for each (what is the better ?) not blingy
b ) some incursion ship + rattlesnake for each of us

really i am some what pissed of no combat ship around 3-4b in high sec, and marauders is at the moment i see the betetr option.

any ideas ?

Invest in The McCandless Clan. I promise a return on any investment, no matter how large.

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I can get you four (4) Marshal for 12b. Let’s do business.

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I doubt Profile - Aiko_Danuja - EVE Online Forums, the price is strange. Please contract to me for 12b and i accept the contract today. Must be in high sec.

Contract them to me and I’ll double them for you. Then you’ll have twelve mining orcas!

No, I’m sorry, I don’t do contracts. Too many scammers out there. Direct trade only.


Aiko danuja and doublers, ignored

Thanks fr your time.

Fit out 3 worms with about 4b of mods on each and run t6 abyss in them

What are you trying to do with these ships?

With 4 people, if you only care about making isk, the most efficient use of that is probably to spend it on some rolling battleships, leshaks and nestors and find an unoccupied C5 wormhole that the highclass wh alliances are less likely to contest.

really have not much idea , the problem is sure we dont go to hold six orca miners, considering the probable nerf this year.

wormholes sound interestimng too

Okay so just sell the Orcas and have ISK…

My suggestion is other. and good for all.

1 ) Begin an alpha or purchase at 3b one char in Character bazaar
2 ) respec to refine minerals. You can get many level 5 and scrapmetal to 5
3 ) you get a toon useful for all of yours friends, and can do some research and production.

Personally i do thius char the booster.

Advantages :
1 ) cant be blown
2 ) can be resold
3 ) think is him as a moblie DST refinery raitaru.

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Telling a new player to research refine minerals…

Terrible advice.

Worse than that.
Anyone fool enough to follow that advice already got those skills.

Contact that Kusion guy…

I bet he has a few ideas. Maybe he could even point you in the right direction for a decent input-broadcast app… OOF!

Well, if you don’t have much idea just let it for a rainy day or for when you figure out what to do with the money.
Not much sense into rushing into a marauder just to lose it for lack of experience (compromising a big chunk of your net worth).

Sell the orcas. Do not buy any marauders or fancy ships yet! Take 10 bil and buy plex and just sit on it for now. Look at what it would take to fly / train into 4 basic incursion logi ships. Get your team into those ships and offer your 4 logi ships to incursion running as a team. You will get in more and see where you want to go in incursions or not without spending all your isk to know.

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