Abyssal: another drones'n'missiles meh

(Ildrara) #21

@Keno_Skir I linked it in another topic. It is just under 800dps 777. Vedmaks are scary or something like that.

(Keno Skir) #22

Hang on are you saying it’s a Vedmak fit that does 777dps or a Vaga?

(Ildrara) #23


(Keno Skir) #24

Then I think this went over my head… It makes it seem like you’re talking about a Vedmak.

(Ildrara) #25

That was the name of the topic I linked it in. The player was whining about gilas and sacs being the go to ships for high tier filaments. To prove him wrong I finally linked the fit I have successfully completed them in.

(Keno Skir) #26

Much obliged I get it now.

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