Abyssal Blueprint Copies

I’m really confused with these new items introduced. I have thought about making a few of them utilizing my blueprint copies acquired in the abyssal sites, but the items sell for an astonishing value. For example, one Heavy Mutadaptive compact remote repair (just an example) requires 30million isk of materials but the item sells for below half that value??? This is the case for majority of the modules in abyssal sites.

The cost of iso-10 is the main issue, the drop rate is extremely low which drives the cost up, the initial rush to do these sites has also died down so the situation isn’t going to improve much

Because a lot of people farm their own materials. Therefore, they can set the price to lower, because they arent buying the materials.

Its 100% profit for them.

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Yea, and everything I mine is free too.

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I think he means that nobody else is getting the profits…

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