Abyssal Corporation

In order to boost the Abyssal site population I suggest an Abyssal Corporation Hub be formed. The ACH would be operated by Abyssal, Drifter and Sansha Incursion runners but would be primary geared towards Abyssal sites. The ACH would build and sell Gila’s very cheaply along with provide T2 fittings to get the runner started plus 50 filaments of the runners choice.

How the Hub would get its ISK is through a contract with the runner for three months at a time where the Hub would receive a certain percentage of the loot taken in from each site successfully ran. The only way the contract system would work is if the Hub had access to the Hub’s members daily loot haul from the sites which I’m not certain is possible when the API system is used to monitor corporation members in game data.

If the runner decides to run out on the Hub their name would be handed off to any of the Gankers who would then be tasked with hunting the runner down and collecting ISK value from the runner until the runner fulfills the three month contract or pays the contract off.

The Abyssal Hub would need to be hammered out into finer details but once put together would be a great place for rookies and veterans to get together and run Abyssal’s from.

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Okay. Feel free to form that for the community then.

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