Abyssal Deadspace disconnection good solution suggestion

I find a better solution for win win, CCP could sale a new character service in New Eden store which people can pay for it to renew the abyss timer something like abyssal space stabilizer and this thing can be applied by the website offline. the price can be like a large skill injector ?

Or maybe actually fix the retarted game mechanics instead of “fixing” them by forcing players shove more money at the game.

Just remove the time limit from abyssals and make emergency warp a thing in there. Game mechanics that punish players when they did nothing wrong are just plain stupid.

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CONSIDER a game company that needs earning profit, every single game play is for this purpose. they wont change anything without profit, so I consider this solution would be a win win

I would probably get banned from these forums if i wrote how i really feel about your idea. So lets just put it politely and say that its really frikkin’ stupid.


Reason #659048765390587630945673045697309564 to remove abyss.

Of course it no longer matters…

This is P2W. Not just no, but


*makes a CODE. reference to get this thread going*

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