Abyssal Deadspace killer-bug

I heard previously that there is a bug when NPC ships fly outside the battlefield and here I met it by myself.
I contacted the support team and (the sad part is) turns out that on the CCP side there are no registered problems, a screenshot that I made through the in-game bug-report tool and logs are not reliable (as easily altered). So there is NO possible way to prove the existence of the bug and restore the ship.
Abyss space is even more dangerous than we were thinking.

Question to the developers: Is it possible to make at least in-game reporting tool a relieable source? For example, Blizzard are putting unseen marks on every in-game screenshot (or at least they did).

To the players: Don’t take into the abyss more than you actually need.

Turns out, that chasing the NPC outside the battlefield and receiving the unrepairable AOE “does not have any incidence in the loss”. o7

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