Abyssal drop wrecks


I propose to enable abyssal sites to loot the wrecks that are present when an instance collapses.

For this, each abyssal flavour (eg dark F1. total 25 flavour ) would have a list of droppable items. When an instance collapses, all the wrecks, drones and cans present are added to the list of that site, repackaged if they are repackageable (bpc ar NOT REPACKAGED). unpackaged items are added in a specific sub table.

When a player completes the last room of an abyssal instance, it has a small (3%) chance to add an item from this site flavour , including flavours of lower difficulty (eg dark F2 can drop items from dark F2 and dark F1). The then-dropped item will be reduced from the table of drops, to avoid duplication of items.

Of course, when a player is killed, the modules that are destroyed in the km are not added to the list (they are destroyed, not dropped)

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Player in risk free instance wants more loot.

lol, no -1.

If it is risk free how is there any extra loot.
Your logic has holes in it.

Fighting NPCs is not risk. If you loose it means you didn’t watch enough videos or you are unable to copy behavior, which most primates and dogs can do.

And this means there is a risk.

So your post was useless.

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