Simple Fix for Abyss Risk

The problem with instanced PvE (the Abyss) is players collect loot that affects the economy while outside the sandbox.

The loot spawns in a container outside the Abyssal Trace. Until 30 seconds after the player/fleet leave the abyss it is locked and no one can access it.

Stealing from it is like stealing from any container.

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what… a container aka ship exits the trace you can just kill it and take the loot.

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Or just loot the container just like every other loot in EVE.

Eve isn’t known for its realism, but this feels a stretch too far from that perspective. You blow up a pocket of abysmal space and a lootbox is waiting for you back in kspace?

Just add suspect flags to every tier above 1. You want to steal from them, man up and take it from them. Or do it the Eve way and make it a 5 on 1 fight.

I absolutely like OP idea. +1

I can go realism, after the trace collapses the loot filled wrecks are left behind. Even the player wrecks!

Don’t give me your pixel macho either, I’m not impressed :rofl:

Stealing from wrecks is 100% EVE.

That’s the thing though… you can only get one ship in and one ship out. Any more or less and the pocket collapses. Heck, even just going in makes it collapse.

Shrug, you don’t need to be impressed. You stated the problem is that the sandbox market is affected by loot created/gathered in an instanced environment. Ultimately, the root of the problem is that there’s nothing stopping the player from instantiating the loot.

Loot fairy blowing half of the stuff up during the theft solves the stated problem a lot better than letting a different player bring the assets to market.

how about ccp goes right back to the drawing board and gets rid of this solo ■■■■.

or make it so anyone can enter a rift and if ccp is worried about ppl multiboxing them then put a minimum time before each gate or the final gate open

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I would be okay with this if ganker loot inside stations went outside in a place easily scanned down.
Neg 10 gankers are protected by tethers until they are in warp to their intended target and have already done their damage before anything can be done to them.

I would also be okay with this if market players that never leave jita had all of their loot/money suddenly outside the station in a place that can be easily scanned down.

If you actually believe that people shouldn’t be allowed to get their own loot without problems after risking it all in the Abyss then you have some serious problems. Gankers can insta kill abyss ships and take their loot and fittings as it is. Now you want them to put themselves in harms way and have their loot stolen? ■■■■ sake you’re a salty ■■■■■ aren’t you.

Just gtfo already.

I’d like it if people could invade but only one ship could exit. Gate wouldn’t open unless only one ship was left.

Obviously this is the number 1 answer.

My suggestion is a fallback.

My groupie!

Your worship is duly noted :rofl:

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