Abyssal market sharp decline

Any takers on recent significant abyssal market decline?

Given that some filaments skyrocketed, looks like a lot more players engaging in abyssal farming, yet industry demand is shrinking ( lack of wars? )

any ideas or more precise information?

Hardly anything gets destroyed in this game. After people acquire all their abyssal stuff for their hoard, who is going to buy more?

Are you sure its declining? My public contracts are being sold super fast and some mutaplasmid prices are spiking. Where do you see its declining?

As usual, when people say “market is doing that” without sources, you can assume they actually are talking about their pen … their wallet. The pen does not decline, event when it is out in the cold.

Zero-Point Condensate plummeted, Isogen too
a couple of months ago was over 100k now isogen under 70k, price graph shows steady decline.

Mutaplasmid not very stable market, can fluctuate a lot, but Condensate and isogen are basic ores that are required for any Triglavian production, and it has been going steadily down for a few months.

Yet i am looking at some industry items like Scoped Entropic disintegrators, even now they are below their material cost. ( market sell ~32mill, material cost 40mill ) Just doesn’t make much sense

What ?

Isogen and zero-point condensate started the decline after someone sold a large numbers of them. Trading volumes spiked, price start falling down.

I think it is a reaction of mineral shortage. CCP let less ABC minerals come to the market, but Abyss minerals supply remained the same. Less produced overall, less demand for abyss minerals.

not quite clear, mineral shortage should generate increase in price, id think…

if you talking about regular minerals, they are a minuscule portion of precursor production

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