Stabilized triglavian ship prices

is there any ideas on what the stabilized prices could be for each? im thinking 100-150m for the frig, 500m for the cruiser and maybe 1-1.5b for the battleship.

Cheaper than they are now.

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The real hurdle is the Iso-10 and Zero, those are the only really expensive bits to making them. So once we find out what those are going to settle for, then we’ll know what the ships are worth.

Considering those are only found in the Abyss, I expect them to stay relatively expensive.

Sincerely, I think maybe not.
In a single wormhole with 6 Data sites (non-sleeper) I had ~11 calm filaments, with each one that could give me another filaments and the materials.
Unless you are really unlucky the day you use your filaments, and not a single pocket drop one, I think you can have an “infinite” supply, which should affect the price of the Zero and Iso-10 :confused:

Interesting. So wormholes just became relevant again.

Nice. :slight_smile:

Of the 20 filaments I’ve run so far in tq about 10% didn’t drop further filaments. And I got a total of 35 crystalline isogen-10. Now while I admit that these were only tier 1 calm and tier 2 agitated filaments that low drop rate is going not keep prices high even if people potentially have the ability to farm their own.

You need about 500x of both the Iso-10 and Zero to make the Cruiser. So you ran 20x sites, and came up with <10% of the needed materials. If that math holds up, it takes 200 sites to craft a single Cruiser.

Yes however, those were t1 and t2 sites - farming for filaments. If you were to run higher tier filaments you are likely to get more abyssal materials so the number of dives required may drop somewhat. But yes i still agree with the point that these materials are very rare so ships will be very expensive.

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Running higher may improve drops. But it also improves the chances that you don’t even make it out alive. =)

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Yes (for tiers 4 and 5) but tier 3 is survivable and definitely farmable.

ZPC’s are already stupidly cheap they drop all over the damn place, the bottleneck is the iso-10

what do you use? i tried on sis with the new cruiser and i barely made it out of a lvl 2 inferno one

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