Abyssal PVP - any fights ever happening?

Hi there, I just bought myself a vexor navy for abyssal pvp and entered like 10 proving conduits so far. The Problem: No one showed.

Anyone else have ever gotten a fight in Abyssal PVP or is it just a site where you wait 6 minutes for a cache to open to get like 80 mil maximum or so?

Just curious

Abyssal farmers are risk averse. They won’t dare put themselves in a situation where they’d have to pvp.

ohh wow not very active lol

Abysmal space should never have been put into the game.

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Generally not, or in relation to the T 4/5 and the payout quantity?

The interesting thing is, with 3 ships I get more filaments than I use. So I don’t have to buy any more. Maybe only if I don’t want to do the 5’s and trade them for the 4’s

Although sometimes such gates are an interesting meeting place. Recently I met 20 new friends there :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. It’s super rare that I agree with something you throw out into the wild. 100% this.

It is about 5-7 fights per day last few days… For whole EVE…

But why? What is wrong on Abyss? to much pve, to much payout for low effort, or what exacly?

Let’s see:

  • it is instanced, it is not possible to interfere with unlike any other PVE in EVE and the claim that EVE is not instanced
  • with minor effort you can be completely immune to any interference, even on the trace, and farm billions in perfect safety.
  • It introduced crappy OP ships
  • for its incredible income potential, it can be done in safety of high sec without any downsides since CCP removed the only risk factor (suspect status) from high tier abyss traces.

Just to name a few things

Ok, I understand, so partly both the implementation, and where it is most exploited plays a role.

I’ve only tried it in null-sec so far and there is a high risk of being scanned even with deepspace bookmarks. This has already happened to me.

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