Abyssal PVP Gate spawn rate and stalemating

The Gate is not spawning often enought, only for a few hours per day. Usually from DT to 13:00 evetime and sometimes from 18:00-19:00. This makes Abyssal PVP more or less unavailable to players from the USA, Australia and East Asia. With the current mechanic the problem is that players have to do abyssals that don’t want to pvp in order to make the gate spawn.

Simple: Just make the gate spawn permanently, no matter how many ppl farm abyssals. I am sure this increases pvp activity in the arena drastically. There is no lack of pvp pilots, there is the lack of the gate spawning.

another issue that should be looked at is stalemating, 25% resist drop is not enought, add more of them.

It is time that something happens there, there are so many posts here on the forums and on reddit and CCP did never answer to any of them.


I met many players in the arena who did not even know about its existence, because usually they went to the abyss at another time. The problem is so obvious, and does not require a lot of action from the developers, that it is not clear why it is still not being solved. As a result, we received content that is not allowed to be used.

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Here is a collection of some posts on reddit about abyssal pvp without any reaction from the devs:

and so on…
might this helps the CSM and the Devs to get an image on the importance of that topic


Nice one thanks Guv. I’ll read it when I get home. And I’ll try to make sure I actually log on to eve too lol.

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0 kills in the abyss yesterday =) Lol

according to August release patchnotes, nothing changes in that release :frowning:

also, amount of kills going up and down, days with up to 10 kills, other days with almost 0 kills.

More then 5000 kills with more then a thousand of billions ISK destroyed, my thought is that we have already paid for this patch to happen…


I got proving conduit at 6:40 ET, but i was on PVE Fit. Lol)

posted it again in the new known issues thread for august release, might ccp answers there…

CCP Rise announced they believe they’ve found a bug that was causing this issue and they believe they’ve resolved it - this was late in his Talking In Stations interview from Sunday, in the second part after the Hadeon demonstration.

ok, will check it out, hope the fix gets deployed soon on TQ

something has changed since yesterday, and it’s only getting worst … lol proving gate only from 11h30 to 12h10 evetime … lol

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sadly spawn rate does not get fixed next week

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Addressed issue where Abyssal Deadspace populations were not being counted correctly to unlock the Proving Conduit.

seems like it got fixed finally

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