Abyssal Quick Reference

It is still far from finished, but I am open to feedback as I go, so it’s less of a pain to fix it later if something is wrong, or doesn’t make sense, or looks terrible, etc…

Tool is for quick reference on various rooms available in abyss, link is here: https://www.qsna.eu/eve/abyss

So going block by block, on top are settings:

  • 1st Block [DONE]
    • Size, weather, penalty selector
    • Enemy room selection
    • Few self-explanatory switches which define how data is shown
    • Room status
      • Shows applied weather effects
      • Shows volley, DPS and EHP in the room
  • 2nd Block
    • Ammo selection to be able to calculate EHP of each enemy based on your damage profile and their tank profile [Done]
    • Inputs for your gun / launcher stats to provide best possible time to kill each NPC [Planned, High priority]
      • Add drones [Planned, low priority, stop playing Gilas online… :D]
  • 3rd Block
    • Inputs for your own tank [Done]
    • Inputs speed and capacitor numbers to see how the abyss weather will affect your ship once you are inside [Planned, High priority]
      • These would also affect incoming DPS simulation when the speed and sig radius are known since then I can calculate miss ratio for guns and damage reduction for incoming missiles
  • 4th Block [DONE]
    • List most likely potential spawns, so each NPC type most common number of enemies

Enemy display:

  • Header [DONE]
    • Shows NPC name, quantity and short badges for effects
    • Total DPS is shown
    • Total EHP is shown
  • Defence block [DONE]
    • Takes into account chosen ammo and weather effects
  • Offense block [DONE]
    • Takes into account chosen weather effects
    • Takes into account your tank when displaying damage / dps
      • At the moment ignores signature radius and speed [Planned, medium priority]
  • Navigation block [DONE]
    • There are two speeds, normal orbit speed and chasing speed with associated signature radiuses
  • Effects block [DONE]
    • Shows all the ewar and local reps that ships might have, bit more detailed than the one in the header of each NPC.