Abyssal space for the kids of the 80s


My proposal is quite short and simple. at least was quite short when I started writing it, but the simplicity remains. : - )

A one man only abyssal instance where NPCs get progressively more challenging, starting with easy all the way up until the ship is destroyed, or the player “wins”, of course, assuming a winning condition is actually required.

Personally I’d prefer an endless battle. Like a time based survival game, where the objective is to survive longer than the others by reaching higher levels.

In my mind this is not like what we currently have. In my mind it should not be required/able to use expensive ships allowing the content to be farmed easily. That would beat the whole point of the idea.

In my mind it would require some experteese (that’s not how it’s spelt) to be able to win and, based on my experience, that is definitely possible in EVE.

In my mind this does not last just fifteen minutes, but simply as long as there is “a next level of challenges” ahead and as long as it takes for the player to reach the last level … and beat it … or until he dies gloriously in battle. (there’s a Klingon vibe in there somewhere)

Benefit for you, CCP, would be that you could train your AI to become more and more human-like and competitive, with players being guinea pigs to test it out on. If you allowed it to learn, it will improve, providing the continuing challenge us 80s kids desire.

The 80s. Back then we’ve put coins into machines to play games we knew we couldn’t beat at the first or second go. We knew it’d take us weeks to master it. We knew that we will lose, and we knew that it will cost us a lot of time and money to beat them and we knew that one day we will be victorious, cheered by the residents of the Arcade.

We knew that, with every loss, we’ll get better and better. Eventually we’ll have learned all the tricks, all the movements, all the considerations required to reach to the next level, until we eventually die a cruel, frustrating death facing the end boss.

And the next day we’ll throw in another coin …
… because he’s going to fall. Eventually.

Personally, as mentioned above, I’d prefer no end boss. I believe that’s the better idea. With no end in sight, the challenges never end as well. I’d prefer an endless battle, getting progressively harder and harder to win, so I can keep fighting, thinking and tinkering, until my ship explodes and my frozen corpse decorates the space-scape.

If you understand my spirit, you understand what I’m asking for.
Just please don’t make me drop a PLEX into a slot so I can play it.

Thank you.


Given perma ship death endless battle makes no sense.

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Change all the sounds to be like “blip blip bloop”
Camera is stuck looking down on your ship, and waves come down faster and in more complicated patterns as you progress.


I disagree. Guaranteed permadeath (ship-only) is one of the better ways to guarantee instanced content doesn’t get out of control in terms of farming and drawing away from the EVE ecosystem as a whole, ie. players engaging in sandbox content, esp. LS/NS, where they can interact with other players socially and via both consensual and non-consensual PVP.

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Uh, you seem to be addressing a point I didn’t even make. If I’m reading you right you seem to think I’m suggesting that ship loss should be removed? I’m very much not suggesting that.
What I am saying is that if you lose your ship, then clearly there is no reward since you can’t haul anything out with you, which makes the content pointless if it can’t be beaten. And as such it will only be run by people for whom loss is meaningless.

This is not what I had in mind

The reward is in the experience of doing it. Your ticket to entry is your ship :grin:

Hence it would be a deterrent from use and abuse - because to most it would be meaningless.

But my original comment, as are the above, was mostly satirical. Easiest way to eliminate crime? Remove all laws. Best way to address poverty? Kill all the poor. Etc.

@Solecist_Projekt You’re someone I marginally respect WITH THE GREATEST RELUCTANCE (ew), I want to know your thoughts on the idea I pitched on the feedback thread. Mike seems to like them and Brisc said he’s relaying them to the Live Team.

Ahh the “It will suck so bad it won’t matter argument” :rofl:

One can only hope!

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What a great idea made by this completely independent person who I am not affiliated with in the slightest and the name is purely a coincidence.

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Thank you, kind stranger!

You’re very welcome.

stop playing with yourself

Says the guy with 40 alts …
… to the guy with 40 alts.

: - )

You’re out of line, young man! :rofl:

At least none of them are forum regulars :wink:

Contrary to what the conspiracy theorists believe …
… I only use chars that are easily recognizable as myself.

As you’ve probably noticed.


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