Abyssal Space - I'm disappointed

(Daichi Yamato) #281

This isn’t because of the randomness.

Mission runners don’t change their fits except for changing damage types. Anom runners don’t change their fits. Wh anom runners don’t change their fits. Incursions runners don’t change their fits.

The randomess isn’t a problem. It’s actually making things more interesting.

(Jeremiah Saken) #282

coordinated fire in not needed when you can finish site faster and don’t get caught by hunters in lowsec for example, and there is no cap how many players can enter the site. Options for group play are already there but players don’t want to team up because of diminishing ISK returns. Now we will have “group arena” in sandbox. Something that should be exclusive.

Edit: In other words danger should be prime motive to group up not site restrictions.
Edit 2: group AP may work because it is content on demand. Like WoW PUGs.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #283

Interestingly; you didn’t comment about the “fool” part.

(Jenn aSide) #284

This one does.

(Salt Foambreaker) #285

You are not doing it right:

(Chan'aar) #286


The major issue seems to be that the current developers do not want to go back to authoring the old style missions. Either the tools to do so are a pain to work with (likely) or it just isn’t “sexy” development that improves their CV (highly likely).

(Yiole Gionglao) #287

Well… apparently CCP Affinity and CCP RedDawn sorted the “tools” part (as the old missions were literally hand coded) but dungeons and level design aren’t exactly sexy stuff. Not as sexy as bragging about coding new AI that reacts to players and bla bla bla until bored NS’ers bring 4 titans and call it a day.

Also, nobody at CCP knows how to make a dungeon at this point. They should learn or hire someone with some experience in level designing.

Yet on the other hand… everyhing CCP has done for PvE has been “meh” or super-meh or DOA. Abyss are being called a success and probably there’s like 1500-1800 dedicated Abyss runners, less than 1% of the game population. Missions are the largest source of PvE (if not the largest income source by a massive stretch) and CCP only think of them as in how difficult would be to rebuild the whole system. Add more missions? That’s above or below CCP…

(Salt Foambreaker) #288

It may not be so easy as you think. First off the ship model is not at all like leveling games. They cannot let all the different ships in the same instance. They will have to make many difference areas, tons of work.

That is what is so cool about player content, you don’t have people continually asking for more.

Now the devs have got themselves on the hamster wheel, they work months on something and some kid consumes it in 2 days and then bashes them for having too little/too easy content.

They had it made and they blew it.

(Bouh Revetoile) #289

Maybe CCP is smarter than the bunch of whiners here who are only looking from their own glasses at something they don’t understand ?

It is a sandbox. Any time CCP will add something they will run in the problem of the profitability for player. Players want 2 things with pve in fact : they want it to be profitable, and they want it to be fun. Profitable is a very difficult task in a sandbox when you need to be careful about the economy. And fun is to each player taste.

As niche as EVE can be, there are many very different kind of players playing it. So they simply cannot please everyone. It’s impossible. PVE players like to see themselves as a group, but they probably are more diverse than pvp players. So each time they release pve content some players are whining it’s the ONE they direly want.

Of course they don’t succeed all the time. But the last years have seen some clear successes : incursion, while criticized here are still played by a solid community. Exploration revamp is, as far as I can tell, very popular. Burner missions, if they don’t please everyone, are are enjoyed by some. Wormholes provide a lot of content for many players. And the old missions and anomalies that are praysed here are still good. Miners had new stuff too. And events I think are enjoyed by many. And even the abyss are enjoyed by a lot of people. Of course they are not whining here.

CCP is not making old content obsolete. They are adding stuff to cater to all kinds of players.

Of course it would be nice to revamp missions and anoms, but I suspect legacy code will prevent this for quite some time still. Get used to it. Maybe after pos are removed.

Now they will add small group abyssal space to close the gap with incursions. That is definitely something missing. Abyssal space have some interesting caracteristics in itself : contrary to missions the profitability is self balancing, and the difficulty is easy to tune because of all the restrictions.

What would be nice would be scenarised adventures like the epic arcs. But I suspect this is too much mission like (legacy code) and would require too much work overall.

As for the one fit beat all pve, they did do something in the past against missiles and drones. But there was such an outcry from the players that they nerfed the ■■■■ out of their fix to still allow players to do pve with missiles and drones. So don’t blame CCP for the effectiveness of these weapons. Players don’t want to ear anything about it being changed. Yet how a weapon that rely on relative position and speed can be more effective than one that doesn’t ?

(mimi45) #290

The start was difficult and very slow. In particular, there were great problems with balancing and unnecessary punishment in HiSec.
Now the development has finally gone in the right direction and now we have rooms for small fleets PVE and for some initial PVP.
Marketably profitable would be further elaborated by instanced PVP and Player Housing.
I believe that this would bring very high earnings and the CCP’s success

(Old Pervert) #291

This is Eve. Whether deserved or not, punishment is always necessary!

As for the rest… honestly, this is an exact 180 from their previous design philosophy. I hope they realize it and let abysmal space die, before they kill their status as a niche game. Instanced ■■■■■■■■ just hurts a sandbox game.

(mimi45) #292

This is not Eve, Eve is a prosperous community of good people.

This is the nightmare of the lost ones who themselves punish to the shame of their ignorance.

Eve lives grows and blooms, and the lost ones suffer in their ignorance.

Abyssal space is a chance and punishment. It is a chance for the prospect of making the most of the benefit from the chaos. Penalty for the lost ones to waver more and punish themselves.

Your choice is yours and peace is eternal!

(Old Pervert) #293

Go smoke more pot, hippy.

Eve is a community based loosely on the idea that anyone can (and probably will) screw you over when the reward is great enough. Paraphrasing Falcon’s own words, it’s a harsh place where you either take or are taken, and the victor says what is right, because ultimately, might makes right.

(mimi45) #294

What I’m going to do and what I am is my obligation and my responsibility. But inside me is love, love and light of the four empires. I carry their indestructible strength and enlightenment in myself because I am immortal capsuleers.

It is a tremendous power and honor but it is an obligation to defend the body and spirit of the four holy empires.

Oh you lost and washed to the void and the cursed by LowSec and NullSec, you like the tide of ignorance and infidelity come from the void and carry the void in you.
Stand and see the fullness and wealth around you. See HiSec’s extravagance. Get it into yourself and take it as the carriers of good and light, and destroy the void of LowSec and NullSec

Abyssal space is below us, awakened and growing, we can make it our friend and ally to grow and grow together, to bring riches from its depths and connect together the dots of light in the depths of the universe


(Old Pervert) #295

Wow. The RP forums are somewhere over there ----->

GD is for actual discussions about Eve. Not… whatever that was.

(Tipa Riot) #296

Don’t feed the troll…

(syllaska isken) #297

Consensual or not,
barriers sublime to excessive,
If impinging on player connection or cross polination,
Will thereby Wither, decay, and erode,
devaluation of EVE the cost.