Abyssal T5 Dark Sacri

Hi Guys,

I wanted to run those T5 in my sacri.
Imps are HG Askelp with all 5r Imps for missles.
Fit is slightly better then the faction fit Suit made his vid on youtube. ( Abyssal mods ( better cap and more damage) and Atype Eanm).

I know want them to do in a as follows wh.
Ship velocity +86%
Inertia +43%
Missile Explosion Velocity +86%
Missile velocity +43%
Lock Range +86%
Stasis Webifier Strength -43%

I now have two webs on it. Should i refit anything? Is the missle bonus better then the web nerf?


Abyssal space is not influenced by WH weather, if I understood it correctly.

From a practical view point I can tell you a couple of things.

First off, you may want to decide to get rid of one of your webs and go wit ha single faction or abyssal that has max range, don’t worry too much about 5% this way or 5% that way on strength. Worry about cap consumption, range and if you can fit it PG/CPU wise.

The problem with even using 1 web I had, is that there is just no freaking way to keep web cycles synced with targets dying, and also, if you do wait for the web cycle and DPS sync, then that causes you a LOT and I mean a lot of time loss, to the point that if somethings go wrong and you need to take some extra time before you go to the next room, or you get unlucky and get all 3 rooms with drifter or the drone BS ( Leshaks go down actually easy), then you will be up against the 20 minute timer and will end up losing your ship sooner or later.

I was always at 18-19 minutes when I got this spawn combo, and this is when things go perfect. Its bad juju if they don’t.

Going with a Missile computer is indeed more practical. You may want to leave it in “default” without any script, but do carry a range and precision script with you. It all comes down to player preference and player playstyle, some people do great with webs, others do crappy, most fall in the middle. You will have to experiment and find your own ground here.

Carry extra ammo. Very seriously. Due to target velocities you will use more ammo then usually.

Also remember you have different ammo types, carry them. Use heavy DPS on big targets, small targets you can actually scale down on DPS quite a bit and go for range or application. Switching ammo in addition to the computer, will almost eliminate the need for web. Only time you will end up using it is when your target enters orbit around you and / or you yourself are webbed or have to turn off prop for cap.

Next drones. Some people go with a double flight of light drones instead of mediums for Dark filaments. I like Augmented Vespas the best. Fast drones such as Valkyries move way to fast and end up outtracking themselves, consequently they can’t hit crap. Vespas move slower and have optimal range bonus thus offsetting a good chunk of the penalty. Light drones do not have this issue because their tracking is rediculous and they hit no matter what, but of course they hit for a lot less and in a Sac your bay ain’t exactly big.

Go ahead and try different fits on some T3s, then T4s. Don’t just jump into T5s. Find your comfort zone in T4s get them on full farm, then step it up a couple notches either on the fit or implants or better boosters.

You can farm T4s in a super blinged active Gila as well with 1 drone rig and drone tracking link, but not T5s because you can’t afford to waste the rig and mid slots and your drones will not be able to apply enough. T4s are much more forgiving on the tank.

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What a nice read. Really good written. What i think i have PERFECT skills and two faction webs. fn webs.
HG Asklep. and drugs. Should it not be quite easy to do them? i invested i think around 10bils.

Abyssal space has its own weather effects, he’s referring to dark abyssal space, which has an effect very similar to a black hole WH effect. It has a speed buff (including rats!), and a tracking debuff (including drones!). The only ships that fare well there are missile ships (drone/gun-ships outtrack themselves) and even then they need webs to slow their targets down.

It has a movement buff for all ships, PC and NPC included, and its very considerable, this is why tracking is so difficult. It does not have a tracking debuff.

Its 2nd Effect is turret optimal range penalty. Its also very considerable, and combined with the NPCs moving a lot faster it indeed makes drones miss a great deal. The funny thing is, the faster moving the drone the more it will miss here. So it plays kinda weird and its why Valkyries are so bad for it.

Because of the 2nd debuff is why its best to use missile focused ships and fits for it.

Small targets are very difficult to hit once they enter orbit around you, as the NPCs now orbit much closer due to their range penalty and at vastly increased speeds. When they are lined up they get hit the same as everywhere else, so decent piloting required.

I’m going to repeat myself here a bit. Dark T5s are no joke.

Start at T3s, single web, one computer, no boosters, then move onto T4s, single booster, standard at most.

Get the T4s on absolute farm, then bump the booster to higher quality, maybe stack some or start using the agency DPS booster in addition to your regular, run a couple more T4s, then jump into T5s. All the while experimenting with the double web set up. When you go into T5s you should be in the most comfortable fit possible for you.

Alternatively, start from T4 electrical, then jump into T5s on electricals. Electricals are nice for cap, then move onto Dark filaments, but beware of the way your capacitor will be affected.

i am sure i have the best fit + all drugs + all high imps. So my setup is around 10bil. i understand that they are really really hard to do. But what i do not understand is is T4 similar to T5? Cause when you have all time a different spawn you cannot be safe in anyway of meaning. But thats eve for like 14 years for me.

In case you haven’t jumped in yet. Yes. Same mechanics, same spawns. main differences in T5s spawns are simply bigger, have more HP or do a bit more damage, sometimes both. But all the mechanics remain the same. T5s require a lot more kiting and overheating. You have to manage your speed, kill a lot at the tip of your range, and you have to time your heat perfectly.

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