why not creat a abyssal arena or ess mode similarly in highsec to gather people around for pvp,which matcheds teammate properly like 5vs5 in one race will be good,and the bonus depends on the value on killborad,really need a highsec pvp mode and I believe that will be fun.Creat a isolated mode may be different but it really creat a more fair pvp competition rather than drama pvp in lowsec.It’s just too tired for me to jump all day and get killed by an unfair opponent.You can also put buff site in the arena and creat more variates in one race.

Of course there can be some limitations to stay “fair” like only tech2 module can be used.

Nah, we don’t need instanced pvp.

it will be qued - not to say another player are available in this pvp abyss at that very moment it can take a while…then tiers become part of it etc, not so straight forward…

This is a good idea!

“an unfair opponent”

Although I see where you are coming from, this is painful to read. Getting that advantage is part of PvP in EVE. Hotdropping a venture with 10 capitals seems excessive, but it’s other players doing what they want. Which is also very EVE.

Forget about fair or other E-bushido. I think you’ll enjoy the game more.



Indeed. The lead up to a fight is also part of the fight, that goes for both parties.

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