Suggestion:coming up with a new mode to make pvp popular

I really hate the pvp mechanism like 5* scan and to catch ships as a solo player.It is very stupid to jump into the deadspace and then catch ships because ship will jump away whenever they want.I think you can develop a new indivisual pvp system to make the game active once again.Proving ground is a nice try but not interesting enough.I think it is the pvp mechanism that limit the activity of can learn from popular main stream games.

append:The existing pvp mechanics are great but I myself just dont like uneven drama pppppvp and patience versus as a solo player and I think it is tiring to pvp like this.So I hope to come up with an activity that matches allies in one round and they are in purpose to destroy the enemy’s target(a special ship or a special constuction)? Of course,there are many problems required to be considered like how to make players offer to fly strong ships to the battlefield.It is like the Instance and Dungeon in Wow.And this mode can be entered by filament.

Have you tried the abyssal arenas?

Yeah,Proving ground is a good try but lack of some interest and savour. It needs to be more complex with a lot of changes in one game.

The lack of interest in abyssal arenas should tell you something: people who want ‘mainstream’ fair team versus team pvp have lots of more suitable alternatives on the game market to choose from.

Pvp in EVE is not a goal, but the way of life. Means to an end. Hunting for kills is part of it and so is looking over your shoulder to not get killed.

What you are asking for, mainstream game pvp where players are put together to fight it out, can be found in the abyssal arena. But most pvp in EVE consists of hunting your targets, so if that’s not what you are looking for, play one of those mainstream pvp games instead.


How much are people even satisfied by PvP in arenas vs hunting? How much time it takes?

They dont have to stay day and night, they can do it fast and its done. They lost some ISK and they have to grind it back…

Also why there are no leagues of arenas, like amount of win/losses in it should define league you are in to make matches more interesting.
Not enough people? In beginning there were many trying it, seems that bus has gone now?


You can’t make people cry in arena combat. And if you can’t make people cry, what’s the point of doing them.

Or so the thinking goes among the “elite” EVE players.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Oh well


So what’s your suggestion? Besides “learn from popular main stream games”? You don’t even mention any game.
I don’t think it’s PvP mechanics that suck, I think it’s your original post. It serves no purpose and doesn’t suggest anything.
So… In b4 lock.

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i do pvp
arena is much more meta game min max pvp
and more expensive to
you can bet your ass that people tha win in arena are …

  1. good at pvp
  2. good at fitting
  3. no cheapo fit

normal pvp is better for novices

arena is for tournament minded people

to op… you have a killboard and even some nice kills but eve players don’t want to “learn from popular main stream games”, we like our niche game
my suggestion , do MOAR
i think you will not be able to convince the care bears to stop running away
maybe fw

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There are two things that EVE needs to make fighting worthwhile and interesting.

  1. a cops and robbers, ganker vs anti-ganker dynamic that incentivises both sides equally.

  2. a warfare system that has greater meaning than plexing and incentivises players to work together to move territory.

At the moment those two things exist in flawed ways. Sure, gankers and anti-gankers exist, but gankers have an advantage in both the element of surprise and the chances of a big loot payout. Anti-ganking requires doing a hell of a lot for… well nothing, and also for the criminal to be in the process of a crime to be able to be attacked. I don’t want to dwell on this one too much because it tends to be a grind on here to even suggest that people be rewarded properly for shooting gankers.

My suggestion would be for a more organised player run space police force, or at least a true bounty hunter role that at the moment is a glaring omission.

As for what I suppose is my concept of faction warfare’s eventual successor, I think the mechanic should revolve around larger fleet fights that players can join. Possibly NPC fleet engagements with 30+ mixed NPC/player fleets where players engage in PVP and PVE equally, filling roles in fleets that are constantly fighting with or without player intervention.

Give players a reason to fight in different ships and types of fight, progressing to full scale PVP fleet battles where the players fulfil team roles and contest battles that decide system ownership and new resources that exist in the system.

Most importantly, that would also give the entire ecosystem a reason to feed that warfare. Industry, logistics, mining, explo, they can all be part of wars in high/low systems.

It’s just a rough sketch of how the game could be improved by rethinking how and why people fight each other. ISK and territory, that’s what people want.


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Everything 150 AU from a high/low sec star should be ‘lawless’. Put some stuff out there for players to harvest in PVP fits. Warp Scram space whales, comets that have a warp bubble type effect on the grid, etc.

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Something like bad neighborhood, rogue drones infected outskirts where CONCORD doesnt want to go? Seems rather realistic and interesting. :thinking:

Even some missions could take part there.

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Agree 100000% but we know how CCP would bungle it. Just look at incursions. Their not interested in anything except giant moneybag fleets burning trillions and hitting the PLEX button like crack monkeys. They might as well get rid of alphas and highsec at this point since its nothing but gankers and mining bots anyway.

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