Academic asserts Gallente exotic dance is inferior to Minmatar, controversy ensues

As the Republic celebrates Liberation Day, and many Federal citizens of Minmatar ancestry conduct their own celebrations, a Gallente professor at a prestigious exotic dance academy affiliated with the University of Caille has caused controversy by asserting that Minmatar dancers are superior to Gallente dancers, on account of the Minmatar culture of tattooing.

Tattoos !

Professor Durand, a lecturer on Exotic Dance Theory at the Mies Academy of Performing Arts, said recently that a traditional Minmatar dancer, regardless of skill, always delivers a more intimate and revealing performance than any ethnic Gallente dancer.
“When a Gallente dances, she shows what she looks like with her kit off. However, mere nudity is not that intimate”, claimed the professor in her address to graduating students.
“In comparison, the ethnic Minmatar, through her choice in the methods of displaying her tattoos, tells the story of her life, giving an insight into her soul, not just what she looks like in the buff.”

Skin to Win !

These remarks caused surprise to some of the students, and to other citizens of Mies.
“It was a bit of a gut punch to some of us”, said an ethnic Gallente graduate dancer. “Suggested we’d never be good enough at our chosen career.”
“I never thought of it that way”, said an ethnic Minmatar graduate. “I suppose it makes sense.”
“She’s not wrong, that professor”, said an ethnic Gallente patron of a nearby exotic dance club. “I bought a book about tattoos so I could properly appreciate the stories the Minmatar ladies were telling on stage. Totally blew my mind when I understood”

Ultranationalism !

A local ultra group condemned Professor Durand’s remarks, and called for her to be dismissed from her position at the Academy.
“This cultural cringe is shameful”, said a skinheaded Ultra. “Garounian culture has been scientifically proven to be superior to all other human cultures.”
“Exotic dancing must be restricted to ethnic Garoun Gallente, so we can secure a livelihood for our daughters”, said another skinhead.

Riots !

The Ultranationalist protest was disrupted by a counterprotest from a group of Minmatar exotic dancers, descending into violence after an Ultra grabbed at the clothing of one of the dancers.
Local hospitals reported several injuries, with one Ultra requiring treatment for a skull fracture, after having been crushed between the thighs of one of the dancers.
Mies police stated no arrests were made, due to having established legitimate self defence had been used.

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Caldari exotic dancers are the best though.

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Please keep this indecency away from our borders!
We will fight and die so just our daugthers and sons won’t become another sort of gallentean exotic dancers! We will give our lives to protect our children!

What’s wrong with exotic dancing? Done in tasteful ways, between partners it can be quite the thing.

I will say this though. This article seems to insinuate that only females can be exotic dancers. I sure hope that wasn’t Miss Rakers intention.

In short?
Longer version is available on request, and I’d recommend you to prepare a chair to sit and listen… and maybe a separate thread.

Isn’t Gallente one of those languages where words have genders, and some nouns are ‘he’ and others ‘she’ ?

Though those Ultranat skinheads seem to think only ladies can be exotic dancers. Probably some part of their whole outlook on life.

and while the Gallente squabble about exotic dancing… Black Rise, Essence, Verge Vendor and the last remaining Strongholds fall to the State system by system, constellation by constellation and finally region by region.

Drowning in your own degeneracy again aren’t you. What a shame. I feel almost bad for each Federation Frigate I send burning into the abyss together with its crew and potential future exotic dancers.

Maybe one of the upstarts will come up with their own style “How Mommies dogtags ended up in the hands of a State Capsuleer” - a dramatic dance style that resembles the crushing feeling of defeat.

I got another dance idea perhaps called “Daddy burning alive in Deven”

Every time I read about you Gallente and your “problems” I feel like a kid before youl festivities.
I simply can’t wait to Anti Matter each and every city, punch through your civilian meatshield crystal walk and scorch and burn ever degenerate thing about this Federation. Glorious Fireworks and the frozen meat popsicles floating in Orbit.

You don’t even deserve the people, mostly Minmatar at that, that die in droves while the people at home care little. That is why the State will prevail.


Well, someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.


I don’t sleep in beds.
I sleep on beams made out of cold Caldari Steel.

Beds are for the weak.


I wish I could say I was surprised by such an opinion from a Gallentean. Exotic dance might well be an art form, but ask the Caldari or the Amarr and they’ll tell you exotic dancers utilize their trade for profit. It’s a sad state when a Gallente professor fails to remember liberty, even if he’s entitled to his opinion.

Dance of any kind is about freedom of expression. Maybe I missed something, but I doubt even the Minmatar customers watch dancers for the history lesson. Exotic dance is the marriage–or perhaps the affair–of economics and human interest in certain fantasies.

Gallente’s dancers understand freedom of expression for their profit. They don’t need to express any greater purpose, any more than some Minmatar dancer has to strip to tell the story of their people. I can’t imagine the Minmatar tattooing the significant moments of their people where the suns don’t shine.

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