Diving into the mystery behind the Gallente-Minmatar alliance

It remains a mystery why Gallente and Minmatar still form an alliance. Their bonds were tried by the Coileile incident, Minmatars have even assaulted CONCORD itself, and still Federation backs them up besides all the provocations and hostile movements committed by tribals.

They are the warmongers, they are the bullies, they attack the Empire over such insignificant detail as Imperial way of penal punishment (slavery), they are the terrorists, since amount of so-called “freedom fighters” (well known illegal terrorist groups) is highest in the Republic. They are brutal, warmongering savages that attack the basis of civilization.

Unlike them, gallenteans have reputations of luxurous adepts of invididualism and disgusting degree of hedonism. They are known for being bullies to the neighbors - but for different reasons, still tryng to enforce their narrow ideals to others, in case of gallenteans that would be such inefficient management form as democracy. Nations without democracy develop way faster and surely represent threat to the Federation, and instead of trying to develop faster themselves, they try to stunt others growths. Unlike same minmatars Gallente have hegemonic tendencies and try to put others under their heel - about same to the old Amarr Empire during Minmatar day of darkness, when it was invading others to enforce the Faith - now the Federation does this to enforce Democracy.

And yet, Minmatars are fine with that, despite they were victims of similar approach thousand years ago from different group.

There is one thing, however, that keeps two so different nations together. It’s actually rather simple. If we look at the culture of two nations, we can notice one peculiar thing…

  1. Minmatars love to walk with minimal clothes, showing off their skin.

  2. Gallentean love to watch holos with naked people.

That’s it, Ladies and Gentlemen!

If we force Minmatars to dress up properly, that will finally break this awkward peace-disrupting alliance and we will finally win the war!

I propose to all cloth producing corporations to start manufacting full body coverage minmatar clothes for export.


Attempting to clothe the shameless. Amusing.
“Nothing to hide and nothing to fear” may be the mass delusion of our age but behind it sits the truth:
The only control; is self-control.


Is this supposed to be satire?



yes cause having half your race enslaved is so unimportant

please do

i dont think so

How else would you call a neighbor who attacks you just because he doesn’t like how your organize your internal affairs inside your own house?

You surely mean “being debtors of the Empire and serving their penal punishment for crimes they have committed against the Imperial authorities”.

Luckily, though, it’s about your race, not ours. We don’t have such high degree of criminality like you do. And for that you shall blame yourself and nobody else.

As much as I really would want to go into detail as to why you are incorrect, I cannot summon the energy to do it for the life of me. I’ve lost count of how many times you have been corrected in your misguided knowledge, and it does become incredibly tiresome to attempt to do so again.

Therefore, I would merely offer a recommendation for all those that would be unfortunate enough to read this putrid shambolic mess to not arise to the bait offered by her simple-minded and craven racism.


In other words, you just want to yell, stomp foot and flail hands to the air without bringing anything substantial into the discussion, without even showing ability to point what actually you disagree with.

Duly noted.

Pretty sure he doesn’t have the energy to do that either.


Reads text.

Laughs hysterically.

Bravo! Just bravo.
Truly, I thank you for your exquisite performance Strike Commander.
I suppose than by your logic, the Guristas would consider themselves as mortal enemies of the Gallente Federation for one of the federation’s iconic dishes happens to be braised rabbit served with mustard sauce.
Anyhow, next time please, please make sure you bring your red nose, colourful attire and a bone-white makeup as well.

Octavech Raholan
Former Holder turned Freedom Fighter.
Proud Apostate and a Traitor.

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State corporations really know how to polish someone’s brain so smooth it has a mirror-like sheen.


Your ships are named after birds, but we took the best bird names. Neener Neener Caldari scum.

That perfectly describes your behavior. Please tell it more to your therapist, not us.

Treason is the worst degeneracy that a human being could descend into. And you’re saying you’re proud of it?!..

Freedom fighters is an illegal terrorist and extremist group, built on a fanatical cult of freedom. One of the most disrespectful scum in our cluster.
Holder is a position of an authority with great respect and abilities.

It looks like you’ve jumped from a high chair head down into a pile of fecal matter, then jumped out, spread your hands to the sides, all dripping with unclean matter and proclaimed. “Guys! I am fine!”

With all written above, no, thank you, I am not interested in wearing YOUR costume, you moral imbecile!

And just what was the offense, to warrant such a punishment? It is, after all, one you yourself are guilty of: not being Amarr and not following their God.

If the Amarr decided to levy their punishment upon you, and the rest of the Caldari State, would you consider the matter insignificant, Commander?

By this logic if everyone wore fewer clothes, peace would break out all over.

You know, you may be on to something after all…


This was an…interesting piece of satire. I appreciate the good laughs to go with my morning tea.

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honestly i have nothing against any of these race things its just that you took it this far as to be racist against virtual races or something is just sad

Go away.

  1. What’s a virtual race?
  2. What do you have against racists?

what do i have against racists


[ rey-sist ]SHOW IPA

See synonyms for racist on Thesaurus.com


a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.


of or like racists or racism:racist policies; racist attitudes.
edit: anyways u can think however u want i dont want an online argument thing well um enjoy making minmatar people’s clothes