"Our Future" - Miss Federation's statement on the recent shift in Gallentean foreign policy

My dear fellow capsuleers, it saddens me greatly that such a message must be wrote. But I cannot stay silent in light of the recent events. As someone from Jin-Mei and Sebiestor families, my heart bleeds when I bear witness to the recent separation. Not only does it break over 150 years of tradition, but I’m afraid it casts a dark shadow over our future.

How can we justify leaving behind those who the Federation has aided and stood with for so many years, while now getting closer to their greatest enemy?
How can a Federation that prides itself on being for freedom and justice take a path towards an empire build on slavery and oppression aimed at the same population that makes one third of all Federation inhabitants?

As a believer in a Federation that puts the values of freedom and democracy over the fickle shuffling of allegiances spurred by momentary convenience, I call out to our fellow citizens to maintain those ties that bound our two great peoples together. To stay side by side. To say yes to an ongoing alliance and to stand against fear, distrust, hatred and division. I stand for the prospect of the Republic and the Federation being the greatest of allies. Our commonalities and an already deeply linked society, thanks to our proud history together, is something we ought to cherish.

We shall not lose hope. In our hearts the Federation and Republic will always be friends. And should the forces of fickle politics ever aim us towards excusing the Empire’s ways within our free society, I have hope in the strength of our resolve for freedom and equality within our borders to continue to grow and inevitably improve the ways of the Empire.

Julie Lemrenoy
-Miss Federation YC124


This is my hope also.

The Matari that hold to a shallow exterior pretence of Gallente virtue will inevitably peel away or otherwise vacate the crystalline shield of our armed forces.

With both Minmatar and Intaki sublimating the ranks it is little wonder that the Federal Intelligence Office retains its supervisory powers.

Yet some may be galvanised to renewed devotion to the ideals that unite us. Let the core remain strong.

I don’t think that’s a fair thing to say, honestly. Ethnic Matari citizens form a disproportionately large part of the Gallente armed forces. These Gallente (remember when that term was commonly read to refer to all citizens of the Gallente Federation, regardless of ethnicity?) put their lives on the line every day. They have fought and died - sometimes against enemies of the Federation, sometimes against allies - for the Federation.

Let’s not fall into the trap of drawing dividing lines within the Federation along ethnic boundaries. Diversity is what’s supposed to make the Federation strong, after all. And those of us with citizenship in the Federation: Let’s hold our leaders accountable. Let’s start to heal the divisions of the past, as opposed to creating new ones.


Some Gallente need to be more Gallente than other Gallente. And part of that is demanding that in a society that claims to embrace diversity and multiculturalism, everyone must adhere to their interpretation of what it is to be ‘Gallente’.

Was that tacit support for the State I detected Arrendis? Things really have changed since Airaken… :smirk:

Then you should, as usual, educate yourself.

And that’s far from the first time I spoke about how the State, Republic, and literally all of New Eden would be better off with a State/Republic alliance, because no matter what the current crop of pissy Federal politicians might do as posturing, the Federation and Empire are each one another’s primary rival in the cluster, and neither can allow the other to get any noticeable lead in relative power.

And going even further back: I worked in the State for a number of years. I like the State. I like their general attitude of ‘don’t tell us how to do crap, we won’t tell you how you’re screwing it up’. They’re good people, and we have a lot in common with them.

When you know not whereof you speak, your mouth is best used for chewing.
           —Stjörnauga proverb

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