On the Reclamation of Floseswin

No quarter will be given, you will be stabbed, shot and clawed back to the mud you try to run from. This is no clean war, Sarum wont leave. No-one cares about Floseswin or its people least of all the Amarr, The Republic has shown its weak under belly fattened by concord, and by your nature you(The Amarr) will feed on it.

The Matari are born into this conflict, you have given us no choice… there is only blood and death to come.

Matari Warrior


Matari have started the conflict, they must and WILL face the consequences.

Congratulations to the Empire with good work again, and what about you, terrorist… we’ll see you on a battlefield.

Let it be known that terrorists are weak warriors, your stabbing works only on weaklings, but when you will hear the barrages of our guns, you will either run or perish.

Your slogan reflects the weak targets of your aggression. “Fear the tribes”, you say. Real fighters fear no death. Nobody of us will fear your “tribes”. Terrorists are just amateurs and in real combat die as such. You shall be grateful the Golden Armada hasn’t steamrolled your puny Republic into ashes yet. Is that what you want to achieve? When they will go, we will gladly provide them support to cease your criminal activities once and forever.

And let Amarr be Victor.
Glory to the State!


The Amarr Empire has invaded one of our planets. I would hope that even you would appreciate that, or have you stopped caring about Caldari Prime?

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While i understand the current status quo of partnership based on ideals, enemyship and relative power, i look very fondly to the shared themes that Caldari and Minmatar have. The collective power above institutional representation, the struggle against foes that took something from them, and still have it…

There are plenty more things similar between people rather than things that are different, when one look at it from a different perspective.


Yep. Completely true.

And that is the responsibility only of those who choose to make that decision, while they themselves suffer no measurable hardship. Or do you really believe that Arrach Sarum ordered the violent enslavement of an entire planet because he, personally, couldn’t make ends meet anymore?

And frankly, hearing someone who defends slavery and slavers talk about how cruel it is that people in bondage should lose hope… how amazingly hypocritical of you.


Purely from a ‘balance of power’ standpoint, the State and Republic have far more to gain from alliance with one another than they do from clinging to the expansionist powers. A tripod is the stable structure with the fewest legs. A tri-pole cluster would be far more stable than this bi-polar crap is. And there is absolutely no chance that the Amarr and the Gallente will make common cause against us: they are each the other’s greatest threat on ideological, military, and economic levels.


While from an objective perspective i agree, i wouldn´t discard the possibility of people beign guided by emotions rather than strategy and taking their time to destroy us (they don´t need an alliance to do it) then turning against each other (either to a new equilibrium or an outcome)

If one thinks about it, it was the Jove that served as the third pole laying the ground that helped our idependence (with our own efforts and dedication making it concrete, of course). Who knows the Triglavians may be the new scenario enabling a shift of power?

Yes, they do.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that they are expansionist powers. The Amarr more… stridently… so, most of the time, but the Gallente are just as convinced that their way must eventually come to dominate the cluster completely. And neither one can afford to see the other making gains. Neither one can afford to be weaker than the other.

So if either side were to see the other making inroads against a Republic/State alliance… they’d be forced to act, just to protect their end of the ‘balance of power’. But how would they go about it? Would they open a second front? That would be disastrous for the Republic and the State, of course… but there’s no way to guarantee that it would result in parity. There’s no way to even begin to provide reassurances that the second entrant would wind up at least within the ‘deterrence’ window of final strength.

The safer option, of course, is to oppose their rival directly. To provide aid and support to the independent bloc, with the intention of seeing their foe weakened, and their influence enlarged among their ‘allies’.

And neither side can afford to risk the other choosing that path, so without an alliance between the Federation and the Empire… neither side can afford to give the other the opportunity to capitalize on their mistakes by beginning a war.


Again, from a rational perspective, i agree.

But people do stupid ■■■■ all the time, all it takes is enough shitty steps for things to go out of control…

Uriam Kador as an individual, yes. The Empire, however, rapidly yanked his leash, even as the Federation responded.

If a war were to break out, anyone with the political acumen to either rise to the level of Heir, or get themselves elected to the Senate, would quite easily see the advantages of providing military and economic assistance to the ‘alliance’. This lets them sap their rival’s strength in a proxy war while husbanding their own. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

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I suspect it’s quite feasible even for ideologically opposed nations to agree a line on a map. Especially if the nations on both sides of that line have recently extricated themselves from alliances with the intention of collectively constituting a rival.

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I suspect you’ve never had to negotiate with someone you consider a truly existential threat.

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Who else is worth negotiating with?


Anyone from whom you want something that you don’t feel like spending lives to get.

Oh, and just to address this bit:

This is a gross mischaracterization of the desires of the eastern half of the cluster. The State, and the Republic, both want to decide their own paths without outside interference. The Caldari have so far been more successful in establishing its hold on that which the imperialists took from them than the Minmatar have, but both nations have similar goals, and both would be perfectly content to ignore their western neighbor if that western neighbor would relinquish their claims on the territory and people they have stolen, and leave us the hell alone.

That is not ‘a rival’. The Empire and Federation are more than welcome to try converting one another. Just leave us out of it.


The insanity it takes to argue that economic sanctions in response to wanton massacres and genocides are the greater evil is truly baffling. Yet, more baffling than that is that the use of weapons of mass destruction, mass enslavement, and war is a justifiable response to economic pressures.

Allow me to summarize your standpoint so the rest don’t [again] get caught up in the ridiculous strawman you’re attempting: Death is fine as long as it is on behalf of the Empire, moreso when the Empire performs it on its own people.

Because that is exactly what you’re arguing at its face. This hackneyed attempt at “lesser evils” centralizing around god damned self-inflicted poverty - as if you truly gave a ■■■■ - is nothing more than a thin veneer of blame casting; blame casting in any direction besides an introspective reflection at where your loyalties lie: With murderers. Nothing more, nothing less.

And with that, I’m done here. Nothing more need be said to an advocate of death.


I didn’t offer an opinion on what is the greater evil, only what will have the greater count of bodies. And the basis upon which I view sanctions as warfare by other means.

Real insanity would have been to expect positive results when I fictitiously reframe other people’s arguments, use emotive language and canned outrage to bolster my point and just for fun use hyperbolic soundbites to disparage anyone who disagrees with me.

The Empire and the Federation have had quite a lot of success negotiating with each other, as a matter of fact. There are major cultural differences, yes, but we’ve generally been adult enough to work things out in spite of those. Or at least, equally powerful enough that diplomacy becomes the only viable means of dealing with each other.

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I meant Saronu, specifically. CONCORD’s very existence demonstrates that the Federation and Empire recognize the advantages of detente and proxy skirmishing (the militia wars) over actual military conflict between the two or allowing the other any unanswered advantage.

You mean what the Amarr Empire will decide to kill more of what it claims are its own people over, when it doesn’t need to kill any of them.

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My Lord,

Although my part in this Victory, Granted by God, was but small, it was an immense Honour to serve under your Command, in the Service of the Sarum Family and Her Imperial Majesty.

Amarr Victor.

Aspirant Ekaterina deSilvestris


Ave once again, Intergalactic Summit.

As thirty-two days ago, the Empire has today regained control of the Floseswin system. As before, I will not present a sure vision of what this shall mean for the relations between our nations, nor for the people on the ground directly involved. However, I believe the implications of the struggle are being made manifest before our eyes.

The hopes that the Republic’s control of the situation on planet IV be maintained have been proven false. It is clear that both sides are powerful and motivated enough to fight for the system with all of their might, and that this means the war shall be long-term. Indeed, here lies the potential for an unceasing conflict as the Empyrean Wars seem to have been meant to be, but with a far more grim and grievous intensity that has not been seen since the end of the conflicts that forged the Yulai Accords. Perhaps this is a means to an end. Perhaps that itself is the goal. The goals of whom and what I will not speculate on, nor shall I judge them. This is simply as it is.

I lay these facts at the feet of the Intergalactic community. I present them to the Inner Council, and to the leaders of both the Empire and Republic that are responsible for the decision to go to these lengths, and those responsible for the prosecution of their orders. Consider what is occurring. Act in the best interests of your people. Act in the best interests of all peoples of the cluster. Fight for what you believe in, but compromise to save what you love.

I will continue to fight to the best of my abilities until it is unnecessary to do so. This I swear. I will not expect anything less from either my comrades or my enemies.

Spread the flames or stop them. My choice is made. Makes yours soon.

Amarr Victor

Lord Aldrith Shutaq Newelle
Lord Consort to Lady Mitara Newelle
Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade
Paladin Ordinary and Navarch of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order
Twice Victor of the War of Floseswin