Academy of Arms Distribution and Manufacturing is Recruiting for null sec interested miners and industrialists!

Academy of Arms Distribution and Manufacturing is a small null sec corp of laid back guys with the Intrepid Crossing Alliance who want to build a solid community of friends to have good times and rake in the isk. We have sov null sec as well as rented systems. Not interested in PVP? No problem! We are looking for miners and industrialists to partake in moon, ice, and other mining operations and have the freedom to enjoy the type of content that you want. Alliance pvp activities are optional available content for you if that is your interest. Come have fun being a part of our little space empire, make some good money and good times shooting the ■■■■ with us.

If you have any questions about our corp feel free to join the “AdaM Recruiting” channel in game. Feel free to eve mail me “Zengen117” as well. Fly safe everyone :slight_smile:

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