Access lists and corp roles

i have no idea why but for some reason i can not make it so that corp members can only use the weapons on citadels; they can still take fighters and ammo - this makes no sense;

I should be able to set the access list to ‘corp’ and utalise roles to achieve the correct utility ie.

starbase defense should let those with the role the ability to use weapons and mods; nothing more (also change or reload ammo/fighters but not TAKE ammo and fighters)

Fuel technician should be able to refuel and online service mods only.

Config starbase should allow for change of citadel access list…?

Config equipment should allow to take ammo/mods etc…

Its not rocket science…

Also ‘base at’ functions should work for citadels though i appreciate there are a ton of citadels but CCP… if i could write that any bigger i would… you NEED to look at this before you implement faction citadels;
probably wont make much difference in drone lands as most of them are going to be taken down and sold but certainly will effect those in delve and other more stable regions…

bump because…

No seriously come on, my alt has no corp roles and only the member setting on access list but can still take ammo and fighters simply because he is in corp?
fighters are expensive y’know…

You either give access to the Citadel gunner chair or you don’t. Working as intended.

thats not intended im sure

Well, if someone is a citadel gunner they can launch fighters, shoot bombs/missiles at the fighters or even get the fighters to kill each other if they really wanted to. Or they could launch and abandon fighters and repeat the process, then scoop up all the fighters. Either way, even without the ability to take ammo/fighters they could still be stolen.

it is intended… or are you just new to eve?

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