Account Information

For the umpteenth time I am getting the runaround from the account information channel. All I want to know is when my subscription expires should I choose to not PLEX or pay in cash. My main account works on cash so it’s indefinite.
When I try to find the info I am told I need to link it to another account (one which is so old I remember little about it) and then get cycled back to the original screen.
As a paying subscriber I find this lack of support disgusting and morale destroying. I’ve already been through the mill when I tried to reactivate my two accounts. This will not do.

If I recall correctly you can see your Omega expiration date of each account in the launcher.

You can find this here: or in-game under the Character Sheet → Pilot’s Services tab.

Thank you both for helping me on this. It is frustrating that something won’t work one day then is OK the next but so it goes.

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