Changing from paid subscription to paying by plex

Hi everyone,
I paid for my omega via paid subscription but now I want to pay using the plex I earned in the game. Do I need to cancel my subscription first then pay by plex or do I just leave the subscription in place in the event that I don’t make enough plex in game during the following month?

Another question is if I pay 2 days beforehand does my current subscription (which has 2 days left) get cancelled and the omega starts from the current day not in 2 days time.

Make sense?

As I recall, if you use PLEX it adds the time to the account.
So instead of expiring in 2 days it expires in 32 days (2 plus 30 from PLEX).

If you are on automatic renewal (the default) then your credit card is next debited at the new expiry date to give you another “whatever period you automatically renew for”.

You can check you account status and Omega expiry through your account management page:


Cancel your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription immediately after you bought 30 days, you of course get to keep the rest of that 30 days. All that happens is it won’t auto-renew. You can then pay with PLEX as you like.

If you have 2 days left on your account, and apply a PLEX, you will now have 32 days left. If you don’t cancel your subscription, nothing will happen until you run out after those 32 days. If you do, and your subscription is still active, it will then charge your credit card and add another 30 days.


Great thanks everyone, just what I hoped to hear!

Just to clarify: Each and every month in EVE is 30 days long, no matter if august or febuary :wink:
So you always plex for 30 days or pay for 30 days/90 days/180 days/360 days. All purchased/plexed times are added, you can subscribe for 500 days or more this way if you like to (or nice bargains are offered).

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