Account is banned

my account is banned when i use skill extractors. WTF CCP ?

Did you forget your password and requested making a new one?

IIRC as part of the first time penalty for botting you get a temporary ban and you are also prohibited from extracting skills on that account.

skill extractors is a part gameplay

The ban is to protect your account, they think someone stole your account and is extracting your skill point’s imagine someone did steal your accounts wouldn’t you want ccp to ban it to protect you xD.

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Exactly, but I would like to have a better mechanism for this.

And getting banned from skill extractors is part of getting caught violating gameplay (i.e. botting.) In that scenario, you’d be the one who violated gameplay and deserve no sympathy.

I’m not especially convinced the alternative is true… that your account got hacked.

Either way, ib4l. Discussing bans is against the forums rules. Try a support ticket.

Were you caught botting?

Those on the forum cannot assist you with your account status. Please file a support ticket regarding this matter. Closed.