Account locked due to " Account Security Compromised " how with authenticator?

How is this "Account Security Compromised " if i have MFA on my email and EVE accounts???

Submitted petition 4 days ago, no response yet.

Only thing I CAN do is post on forums.

SUPPORT REQUEST #1205853 for anyone in CCP who gives a ■■■■.

If you have MFA on, then I know it’s unlikely in the current environment, but have you been travelling at all, or alternatively are you using a VPN and switching the country you are connecting through often?

I have VPN on my phone and iPad because I moved and was living in a Airbnb before the Toilet Paper Apocalypse happened. Could that have caused it. Why does it take a long time to figure out ME IS ME?

Would you rather they do a half assed job and figure out YOU is ME, and I steal all your stuff and extract your toon and biomass everything?

I would rather them look at the other 5 accounts tied to this email that ARE working properly . All of them AND the emails have dual factor authentication. None of the others are “compromised”.

So? Are you saying it is impossible for only 1 account to be potentially compromised and the other 4 not to be?

Again, CCP takes time on this because they need to investigate. They dont pick accounts at random and ban them, there was something that happened with the account that got it flagged.

I was banned underr the same reason while I was logged into my account. This was 11 days ago and I have not gotten a response and ticket is sitting at Open.

I have tried to reach CCP on every possible channel without success.

Best of luck.

Not cool!!! I am tweeting at them left and right… asking on facebook… anything i can try to get an answer.

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