WTF CCP? 17 Days, No Response on Compromised account

As the Title states, I have had my account locked for it being compromised. Its been 17 DAYS and I haven’t gotten a response from CCP or anything at all. wtf is happening with their Customer Service and their Support staff? Are you guys sleeping on the job or something??? All i’m asking is for a message from an actual person saying “We’re looking into this”. Can someone please help me out here or something???

It’s probably more like this:


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Which side is CCP? :thinking:

Hey there,

Sorry to hear about your frustration. When it comes to Compromised accounts it is left to Senior GM’s and select Members of CCP. It Requires a very in-depth investigation and this takes time. This, on top of there Regular GM duties can make it take some time for them to get back to you with some results. I recommend you add a follow Response to the current ticket you have created to get a response. Please use your current ticket. Making a new ticket will put you back at the end of line ticket Que

As this answers your question, I will go ahead and close this.

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