Account Recovery

So I made an Alpha account to see if I could play with the market in Jita…someone donated a Pacifier to that account and somehow my dumbass forgot to save the email in which the account was, now I cant recover it by email…can you do such thing by using the in game name?

I recovered this here account by emailing support, at least. A mate recruited me long time back, then he quit and I lost interest. But long story short, once I remembered EVE and wanted to try again I had a different mail adress so autorecovery was impossible. The helpful guys in support handled it anyway, but I did provide as much info as I had.

Name of character(s) on account
When I’d last played (thereabout)
What mail I had then
Which bank’s credit card I had then

edit: To contact Customer Support and Services, please send an Email to:

straight from


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