Accounts, payment and Plex

Hi there!

I have two accounts and one I have subscription for.

Can we get a brief about exactly how does Plex work, and does it affect an account and not only a player or character. ?

With 500 plex you can buy 1 month of playtime for 1 account, including all 3 characters.


But only 1 character from any single account can be online at a time.

You can also use PLEX to buy Multiple Character Training for slightly less than buying game time for an account (485 vs 500 PLEX if I recall correctly). This allows you to train additional characters on a single account.

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So then, Dravick and you other. I have a feature on my launcher where I can activate more than one account at play.
-Would I get six character display on login?

@Mardouk_Erata I have 2 accounts, both Omega. Each account shows 3 characters available , and for each account I choose which 1 of the 3 will go online.

I have 8 accounts open most of the time. But if you only have one account with 3 characters you cannot fly them all at the same time. Just one.

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