Achievement Unlocked

We’ve always had Decorations in EVE with Ranks and Medals. But now with the Activity Tracker and the notices we get when we hit a new level in something… Is CCP going to introduce an Achievement system?
Many of us use ZKIllboard for that kinda thing but it’s only for PVP.
I think it would be pretty cool to have Achievements that I could display on my character.


Well, I don’t know if other players can see what level someone reached in the Activity Tracker (don’t think so), but it could be nice to see what someone did. Example, a new player trying to get into mining in his/her trusty Venture could take a glance at a more experienced friend what is his/her level in the Mining part of the Activity Tracker.

To be honest, seeing someone with Level V everywhere would be something truly funny to see (and brag about) !

Yeah, honestly I just think it would be cool to be able to display them for bragging rights.

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Agreed. There’s still that dusty system of Ranks and Medals, but sincerely I’ve never seen anyone with one. Well, I don’t often look so deep in someone’s profil, but eh, maybe something standing out a bit more could be nice to see who worked hard to get a specific title/reward/medal, you name it.

But eh, CCPls still have better things to work on for now ^^

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