Titles from the Activity Tracker

So far, I have completely ignored the activity tracker, as it’s pretty much meaninless to work towards something there, with no achievement to unlock, or reward to get.

I’d like to suggest the game having default titles that can be shown in the character info, much like a Corp can assing titles to it’s members, which are unlocked from mastering each activity in the tracker.

They don’t need any special bonuses or anything, like more damage or more money made, and should simply be fun achievements that people can work towards if they want to.

Players can choose which titles they want to have displayed in their info window, from none to all, and also choose if they want to see other players titles displayed or not, mostly to avoid seeing an info like this.
EVE Title Spam

Might be nice to have each level, from I-V, have their own specific titles too, so it’s easy to get started, and makes people more likely to want, and work towards the higher level titles.

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What you are describing is more akin to the existing Decorations tab where player corps can make custom decorations (medal designs with names and descriptions) and give them to players, and they are visible even after the player leaves the corp). Players currently choose which decorations to show and not show (ie. just because one is awarded doesn’t mean it has to show - you might not want a “THIS GUY IS A SPY AND ASSHOLE” decoration permanently on your info window, for example).

I should note that there already exists one form of NPC decorations, but CCP hasn’t even implemented their showing in that tab. If they haven’t done that for existing NPC decorations, I don’t think they’ll do it for “Activity Tracking Achievements”.

Another reason why I don’t think they’ll do it: nobody but the owner is going to care about those achievements. The player-made and FW-made decorations are already of little-to-no interest to other players as they are (except perhaps RPers), but activity decorations will receive even less fanfare.


Well, it doesn’t really matter if no one else cares, as long as the owner does. And I’d imagine that a small, but not insignificant, portion of the player base would be motivated to chase such decorations. I mean, that “veteran” next to your name didn’t appear by default. You had to had to care enough to turn it on :slight_smile:

Of course, I think a lot more people would care about skins than decorations. So, awarding skins for ships that are commonly used for the activity in question might be well received by the community. Of course, skins would also take a lot more work to implement because they’d have to be designed.

Also, didn’t CCP once mention the possibility of tying rewards to activity tracker milestones?

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You’re out of line, young man!

I trolled worked very hard for this badge… it… it defines my identity… it’s what I live for…

But on a serious note, there is a bit of a difference here: On the forums, my “Veteran” title is ALWAYS present when you see me, whereas both titles and decorations are ONLY visible if you open the info window. Furthermore, OP’s “example” screenshot actually provided an argument AGAINST use of Achievements in TITLES, because titles are already pretty ■■■■■■■ ridiculous based on how players use them. If they aren’t used in titles, they go in Decorations, which is better suited anyway by virtue of having a medal and description associated with them.

The ‘problem’ with placing achievements in the Decorations tab, however, is that pretty much no one ever opens them; in fact, most players don’t even know that it exists. If players stumbled across it, they probably found it to be empty for most players (including themselves). Most players don’t know how to populate it, and most CEOs don’t know how to create decorations (or that the mechanic even exists) or, if they do, they aren’t willing to expend 5m to award one. So one of the many issues with the Decorations system (of which there are several) is that there is a near-complete and total lack of visibility. This is in sharp contrast to my precious, beloved title on the forums.

Forum titles are always visible. In-game titles are sometimes visible (only if you open player info window). In-game decorations are almost never visible (only if you open player info window AND decorations tab, or if you open character sheet - which pretty much never happens, not even for the owner).

Okay. I mean, you’re right about most people not caring about decorations -either to chase them themselves, or caring about which ones other people have. But, I still maintain that there would still be a significant number of players that would be motivated to chase them nonetheless. I mean, it would be just like steam or xbox achievements. I don’t really give two shits about your achievements, but I have, for some reason, been compelled to chase achievements for some games.

Of course, I’m also assuming that decorations would be easy to implement. I’m not sure that it would be worth it if it took a significant amount of dev time. Same thing goes for skins. Of course, I think a lot more people would get excited for skins, but it would also take a lot more work to implement, so idk.

That is what I said in my initial post, but not in my reply :sweat_smile:. In my reply I merely indicated that there is no mechanism by which these achievements would be readily visible to other players in practice so as to be worthwhile. If nobody in practice examines the existing decorations tab, there’s no reason to place achievements there that (other) players will care even less about than player-made and FW decorations. Having said that, the Activity Tracker is already an achievement system, so the owning player can already monitor their achievements and progress toward new achievements and any aditional enhancement is entirely superfluous.

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Sorry. I’m reading a few chats and ■■■■■■■ with the forums at the same time.

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It’s entirely different for a player to tell their friends:

Player1: So, I got to level V in mining today in the Activity Tracker.
Player2: Hmm, I’m not that far away from it.
Player1: Nothing else to do then, as I don’t really do anything else but mining. Do you unlock anything for completing every activity? Like a cool skin or something?
Player2: I don’t think so. It’s just something that is there for people to do. I turned it off because the notifications are annoying.
Player2: Me too. Guess I’m done with it for now…

Player1: Yeah! I finally got the Rocking Stars title! Took so long to reach lvl V in mining.
Player2: I got that one the other day, but I prefer the Little Worm one.
Player1: That’s the one from entering 10 Wormholes? I’ve only seen one popping in system so far, but I was too scared to get in xD
Player2: It’s fine to just get in and get out, but it’s easier to find other wormholes inside. I kinda got lost though. =)
Player1: Hahaha. Are you going for the Worm Monster one at level V?
Player2: Maybe, but I will try to get other easier ones first. Huff’n’Puff sounds easy to get too while I’m exploring wormholes, so I’ll try that one next. I need to train Gas Harvesting first though.

Imo, people simply don’t care about being lvl I-V, if it doesn’t have any meaning to it, besides filling a bar, just to fill a bar.

It doesn’t have the same backing to it like named achievements in other games.

Please also think of all the cool and lame titles that CCP could come up with. My imagination is limited for the activites I don’t have much experience with, but I’m sure veteran players could think of some good stuff.

This is an argument for changing the Activity Tracker itself, not for the display of achievements.

…Which is my original suggestion, you know.

You progress in the Activity Tracker and unlock game titles as you level in each type of activity.

The talk about title display was simply due to imagining what a character profile would look like with 100 titles showing at once, from activity titles to corporation decorations.

It should be “Bittervet”, what a missed opportunity. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


:point_up_2: The way you worded your original post, along with additional elaborations and even a rather extreme pictorial example, made it sound like THIS was your thesis statement, as opposed to what you just said :slight_smile:

Changing the Activity Tracker to change how “”“achievements”"" within the tracker itself are earned is unrelated to if-and-how these achievements are displayed outside of the tracker. If these achievements were ever to be displayed outside of the tracker, they would have to be a direct reflection of what is displayed in the tracker, so hypothetically if you wanted to display your conventional achievements outside of the tracker they have to be displayed as conventional achievements inside the tracker first, which is a prerequisite but otherwise entirely independent conversation to this one. This thread is titled “Titles FROM the Activity Tracker”, but that conversation belongs in a thread titled “Titles IN the Activity Tracker” :stuck_out_tongue:

YOU SHUT YOUR ■■■■■■■ FACE @Uriel_the_Flame


I’m not a bittervet. I’m the sweetest thing :angel: (I’m also EXTREMELY humble, too.)

In order words:

  • Please introduce titles/decorations, that can be unlocked by achieving levels in the Activity Tracker;

  • Please allow players to show these titles in their user info window, just like how Corporation decorations are currently displayed, under their names;

  • Please allow the choice for players to hide titles and decorations from other players, so they don’t have to face a visual mess in case there are multiple titles/decorations displayed.(picture as exemple)

So that it can be spammed more than players already spam them? How is the following desirable???

Players can already control whether decorations can be shown or hidden (one of several reasons why it should go there instead of titles - I named a few others already); however, neither players nor CEOs/Directors can control whether a title is visible if it is assigned (for permissions-purposes, for example). That is its own feature request independent of achievements/decorations.

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