ACN Turnur Broadcast

I have a number of freedom of information requests regarding Amarr Certified News public broadcast.

The final still frame of the scene to which I refer is available to me but I’ll refrain from its republication for reasons that will become apparent.

  1. Were any SCOPE correspondents harmed during this incident?
  2. Was this final transmission image captured with SCOPE remote drone equipment?
  3. How did ACR obtain this transmission?
  4. What is the nature of SCOPEs presumably pre-existing contract with Amarr Certified News?
  5. Who in SCOPEs editorial staff authorised the publication of a transmission likely to be distressing to an audience including those of Minmatar heritage without well established notification protocols?

Probably a drone or one of those nomadic guy in streaming with The Scope. The latter will have given the media to the ACN.

What’s a “freedom of information request”?

Thank you for asking.

I will be taking my time to more formally address this enquiry to the individuals responsible for disseminating such information in accordance to Gallente tradition and in some cases legal policy.

This open communique is posted as an invitation to digital activist groups that care to ensure such data does not go “missing”.

In extension of point four:

With regard to The Scope’s most recent universal broadcast – Extreme Stellar Event Devastates Turnur at the four minute fifty second mark displaying the banner plate “Armarr Objectives Achieved” Sirdan xer Qosh is shown in what I must assume to have been a private conference with his Empress.

Was that genuine live data capture? Or perhaps, creative editorialism using digital proxies? Surely this does not suggest Amarr has similar influence within SCOPE as it apparently does with CONCORD.

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