Activating an old account

I have been considering re-activating my old paid account. I miss my old mining barge and the higher level of skills I had years ago vs my current alpha account.

Is it possible to activate an account from several years ago? It was associated with an email address that is still alive but rarely used. How do you re-activate? Is the subscription fee still USD15 per month?

Yes, you can reactivate an old account. The cost is still U.S. $14.99

Just contact support and give them the old email address. If you can remember a toon’s name on that account it’s helpful.

Or what you could do is try to login to the account on using your character name + password then just resub your account. If you don’t remember the char name/pw there should be a forgot password or username option. If neither of those work i’d recommend contacting support.

Thanks to both of you!

Sometimes the people I encounter on this forum make me not want to re-subscribe my paying account, but then I have a fun game session and think re-subbing would be a great idea. We will see.

As Jessie said, you can try Account page at EVE website, can also recover your login ID and/or password there if you have forgotten it - so long as you can still access that email address. If you have your login info, you can always log in to the account as an Alpha/free account, see what all is on it, and decide if you want to re-sub.

Thanks! Over the years I have received teaser messages and re-sub invites at that old email address. Maybe…USD15 a month isn’t bad. Right now we are dealing with very large medical bills, so I will have to think about it.

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