Active account cap for high sec

i understand that many people use alts ect all at one time active yet recently players have been using amass numbers of gank fleets operating under one to just destroy miners in excessence there is no way to substantially defend against it, food for thought implement a system in high sec areas where there is a max active account threshold so that yes gankers get their gameplay but also so other people aren’t at a consistent disadvantage to those using meta gameplay of low and null on people that are in high sec for that very reason

You know, probably an order of magnitude or more people use multiboxing to mine in highsec, than to gank miners in highsec. I mean, I’m not sure how this is enforceable at all, but the loudest wailing if this was put into place would come from highsec miners, rather than the handful of multiboxing gankers.

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Yes, I’m sure your suggestion that CCP limit its income stream for your convenience will be taken up right away…

that’s why that implementation would be a solid move from both ends to also force people that want to multibox in excess into low sec/ null sec for the meta gameplay

I hate the mass-alt gank fleets but there are few issues you don’t understand.

It is not really viable to gank with just one ship/one player. First, it is much more expensive to do it, second it imposes much higher risk of failure. Hulks, badly tanked macks those can be killed by a t2 vexor but any better ship just cannot be killed by single ship because of the way how ganks works.

And player retention hit gankers too. There are less players who would be willing to do that or cooperate which means multiboxing is the only way.

And ganking must keep happening. It is healthy for the game. EVE needs more destruction.

Seriously you cannot just limit one group of players ability to multibox. Either nobody can multibox or everyone, limiting multibox for certain players (even if it was technically doable which your idea is not) is terrible idea.

If there was no multiboxing I wonder how would the EVE universe look. I would loved to see it one day but multiboxing is where CCP is getting hard cash so this will never happen.

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Ganking is in decline and the bumping nerf scheduled for September will likely reduce it even more. Moving gank fleets is non-trivial so they tend to stay in high traffic areas - move to a remote location and you are less likely to be bothered, the gankers will also be more noticeable when they enter the system.

Multiboxing is not a serious issue in Eve. CCP Quant gave us this chart a few years ago. I doubt the ratios have changed much.

“excess multiboxing” is “how many alts I have plus one” ?


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