What is current state of highsec ganking?


To clarify, I left in 2018, and came last month. I observed some changes myself already such as less gankers in space, old gankers gone, new gankers replacing them and mining barges and exhumers getting buffed in their EHP (which then made their cost so low that it even makes it pointless to gank them for killmail lol). Oh and goons are on a decline so it seems they no longer gank freighters in 0.9 or 1.0.

Is there anything else? Or is my observation wrong?

One more nerf…

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The cost of a Procurer is still higher than the cost of the T1 Catalysts required to gank it.

While a few T2 Catalysts are probably needed in any gang ganking an Exhumer, I assure you, the kill is still higher than the value of the attacking ships.

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First of all. Off-topic.

Second, please, and this applies to all you stupid gank-haters who are parroting this nonsense, get into your head finally that you also must sub/plex not just the gank chars, but also another acc that scans the victims and warps the catalyst onto his head.

So, even if we assume that 5 catalysts will be enough for an average procurer (which surely wasn’t back in 2018) and we assume that only 1 additional alt will be used to scan&loot remains to get back at least something because miner ganking is purely umprofitable activity unless you manage them to pay you ransom for not ganking them (never ever managed that, they rather lost their ship to me and then they came complain on forums) then the price to gank 1 procurer is:
6x 1.850.000.000 + 5x 12.000.000 ship+fit, since it is catalyst we won’t be counting the price of train here for simplicity in summary that makes: ISK to gank single procurer of a worth 45milion.

Oh wait, you actually said t1 catalysts? Well, that will be at least double that value above, but sure yes the actual price of 8 or maybe 10 t1 catalysts with fit will be few millions less lol. Like that matters when you must pay 1.85b for each alt´and you need twice many if you use t1 catalysts.

If you think that is cheap you are braindead.

Um, nope.

You said it. I responded to it.


Someone tell this kid who I am, lmao

lmao 10 T1 Catalysts is literally 20 million ISK, and will vaporize a Procurer my dude. l2gank

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The first thing you need to locate are those people who use Faction gear, they do exist.

Ganking miners in ice belts is also something that happens, but for a long time and in 2018 for sure, people did not make ISK ganking miners in the main. There was a period when miners tried to upgrade their tank with faction mods but they soon realised it was a dumb thing to do, but it was a long time ago.

What you have missed over recent years is the explosion of T1 Hauler ganking on the pipes by Tornado’s Vexors and Ruptures due to tags, but this is in decline because less dumb people are hauling large amounts in ISK

Ganking is in decline, yes, but so what, so is indy in hisec, so is the owning of medium structures. There are less targets floating around.

I think an untanked Retreiver can be ganked by two / three T1 Catalysts in an 0.5/0.6 system.

Goons are weaker than they were, but their enemies are comparatively a lot weaker and their ganking arm is pretty inactive and has been in a sad state ever sine War Akrini walked away.

What do you mean by cheap, because many gankers gank to control an area, often to prevent people to compete on resources that they are after, like ice belts.

And are you only using those plexed characters to gank one miner?

Back in 2018 I found bling 1.3b Procurer or maybe it was Skiff fit in 0.5 in the region where I was ganking, 0 tank in lows. Unfortunately 12 t2 catalyst weren’t enough to take him down back then. Mainly because I didn’t get to spawn concord there. But actively scanning fits of unaware miners, are you mad? Even if you after 8 hours of scanning find that 1 guy who will be 30 sectors away of your staging area, it will take you full day and he might refit/dock/logoff before you get there.

And even if he won’t do any of that, and he also fail to dock the moment when 12 notorious gankers shows up in local, he still has several possibilities to completely screw the ganker like switching the ship in Orca after gankers agress him. //Unless CCP fixed this exploit since then, did they?

No nobody is doing that, miner ganking even in 2018 was simply to pad your killboard with high value kills. The only reason I scanned that Procurer or was it a Skiff was that all the miners in my region started mining in the unkillable bulkhead Orcas, Skiffs and Procurers, so I was scanning down these Skiffs and Procurers using a venture on an neutral alt, if maybe. In the end, we didn’t plex enough alts to kill that. It simply was too expensive for us to kill these Procs and Skiffs. Soon later when it was just Orcas anywhere we completely given up on this activity and let our gank accs lapse.

It’s not an exploit.

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Of course that I wouldn’t but lets calculate how many procurers using 10x t1 catalysts would I have to kill to even up the costs of plexing 10+1 accounts shall we?

Ok if we assume that right now, average procurer in 05 or 0.6 worth lets say 50milions will require 10 accounts to kill: 11x 1.850.000.000 = 20.350.000.000 ISK / 50.000.000 = 407. So to at least to get the worth of your money (be it 220 euro or 22.35b ISK) you spent on the ability to gank average procurers in 0.5/0.6, you would have to kill 407 of them a month. And that still doesn’t make any profit, that only lets you destroy same value of ISK that you spent to be able to kill ppls in highsec.

And that is not counting price of raising security if you choose to not abuse the “-10 exploit” for whatever reason and fix your secs everytime you fall under -5. Because that is not an insignificant expense at all. //but of course, gankers doesn’t need to do that now.

So okay lets make another calculation, lets try to make a profit on it as you suggest that it can be made!

Lets assume, that the average blingy Skiff or Mackinaw or Hulk will have a fit worth by average 1.5b. Now, lets assume that only 10 accounts are enough using t1 catalysts (which I doubt for a Skiff but w/e that is not that important now). Now, we calculate that on average we get say 50% of that fit every time. And we also assume that we always manage to loot our victim successfully.

So that is 750.000.000 mil profit per blingy Exhumer.

22.35b / 750mil = 30. So you would have to find and successfully kill 30 blingy exhumers a month to even get the price of subbing them. Good bloody luck with that.

You can do the math with freighters too, maybe you finally realize.

The (false) premise you seem to be operating under is that any form of PvP should be directly profitable to the parties who win and that you should be able to make enough money ganking to PLEX your “gank alts”.


I never said it is or should be profitable. It is me who is saying that ganking isn’t cheap and that is is actually bloody expensive. It is you and @Dracvlad and @Beatlise and all the gank-haters who are suggesting that by constantly claiming that ganking is too cheap (and that it lets us earn biggest ISK/hour in all areas of space).

you are contracting yourself with these two statements

You are wanting to do fleet activity as a single player, you know moons were supposed to be a corp activity as in a group, but people want to do it on their own with multiple accounts. I don’t feel any pity in terms of them seeing an increase in cost or plex for their accounts and I have no sympathy for you either.

Freighters were a cash cow, but less and less people were being dumb and certain gankers found that the nice big fat juicy one was few and far between, because of over fishing and a reduction in player numbers so they lost interest, it became harder.

You are under the misconception that you are owed by the game the ability to miner gank, I think that is wrong headed. I just beg to differ on this, sorry and it is nothing to do with gank hating, Xuixien is a gank supporter by the way.

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So, step one in having a productive discussion about ganking, is to talk with people who actually play the game, and make sure you don’t waste any time on forum warriors like Dracvlad. He is what I call a forum wanker.

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How did you extrapolated that from all my posts over the three ganking threads?

I don’t want to multibox it. I don’t multibox it anymore. I even play as Alpha Clone. Unfortunately, this heavily limits what I can successfully gank and even if I gank something it is very unlikely I get to loot it because I am not multiboxing.

I tried to join other gankers, but they had unreasonable requirements now. I tried to find peoples who would gank with me, but nobody was interested - that is because if we are two or three we still can’t gank anything “good” alone without multiboxing and it is too boring/too time consuming nowadays hence why 90% gankers are just multibox fleets.

And if there are are gank groups that actually gank with real players, did you know they are dividing the loot from their victims over all partipants? I was part of such group in 2018 (Sivala gate ganking with cruisers) and I earned big nothing :wink: . Sure it was fun at the very least. Anyway, if that Freighter is ganked by 20 real players, and they acquire lets say 3bilions of loot from this 6bil loot piňata freighter, then after giving each player their share, each will get to earn (6b/20)-12=138milion ISK.

Is is really that profitable? How many such freighters can you kill per hour? Indeed a highest profit activity in any part of the space.

Oh I know. I didn"t considered him to be in 2018, I remember him being a bit reasonable, but now he is just trolling.

I am new into this. Or rather, I forgot how are these “battles” played. And I admit that I am falling for it everytime like an idiot. You are right and I try to step up.

You are detailing plex in your calculation for profitability, both me and a ganker supporter said that was wrong headed.

A lot of ganking needs more than one character if you want to keep it cheap in terms of ISK, which is where this plex cost comes in. Killing a miner within a time limit in hisec requires a fleet action, so it is a logical point.

There is a lot of activity I can’t attempt or do effectively as I have two accounts, and waiting around for others is a bit annoying and tedious, I know that, many people use several accounts to do stuff they can’t do with just one account.

And I have been in fleets killing a faction dread or titan and did the same thing and had to wait around for people, that is Eve.

It is not as profitable as it was, as there are less people and less cash cows running around.

I am not trolling you and your POV is unreasonable, a ganker supporter said the same as me in terms of the plex side of things for miner ganking.

Anyway as you see this is a battle and this is forum warfare for you then I will step away.

Still this fixation on plex has surprised me greatly, I know it was part of the calculation for freighter ganking of course, but to be assumed for miner ganking was a bit of a stretch too far.

She isn’t contradicting there. The cost doesn’t convert to the value of loot. Hull is lost, rigs are lost and there’s 50% chance of modules and cargo/drones/etc. to drop.

It isn’t profitable although it’s cheaper in that example.


I said no such things. Also, you really need to know who you’re talking to before you pop off at the mouth, because you are making yourself look incredibly foolish at the moment.

No. No I’m really not at all.

Highsec ganking had gone downhill ever since some Evil Space Witch tried to backstab James while he was sitting in a Cruiser celebrating his marvelous victory.

Vote, bring back James 315 Y125 :man_facepalming: :pick:

Well said! I really believe HS ganking has become more of the hunt for a juicy kill. Ganking is still very active along 0.5 systems and trade routes for OP. CCP has buffed mining ship EHP so it does require more ships to gank. The margin for ganking t2 barges has decreased. Smart miners fit for t2 many use ORE strip miners, but smart miners should use t2 tank… Hopefully. In the end I think ganking is going strong. Helps weed out the credit card warriors, people who don’t know how to fit, and more. This comes from a miner who does mine as a hobby. I wish I do more barge mining these days.