Multiboxing destroyed eve online

High sec is owned by multiboxers using software to run free omega accounts. I’ve been in fleets with guys running 10 to 25 accounts. I own 30 accounts with 90 characters and play between 4 and 15 at once. CCP has turned the game into a multi-boxer structure bashing session which is so boring for all but these multi boxers. Peace agreements and sharing taxes has become the new normal to avoid such bad gameplay. It’s simply not fun. Although I will say that solo mining is pretty stupid and boring but when you do it with 12 characters it can be slightly interesting and mildly worth the time.

  1. omega accounts aren’t free (someone somewhere has paid for it)
  2. you are complaining about something that you yourself are doing. wth

So is null sec. See, CCP long ago decided their game was niche and wasn’t attracting a lot of paying players. So since about 2011 or so, all game development has been tilted towards farming the small number of players who are willing to pay for EVE, and suckering them into paying for multiple accounts each (cash or Plex, still paying).

It’s much easier to sucker your committed players into paying for 3 accounts, than it is to attract 3 times as many paying players. So CCP, as always, went for the higher short-term payout even though focusing on a limited audience means they’ve effectively doomed themselves to steadily decreasing income.

If you could weaponize incompetence, I sometimes feel that CCP would be a threat to the entire world.


So, the game is no longer boring once you start multiboxing?


In what sense is multiboxing any different to AFK ? A person logged in 6 times is not continuously paying attention to all 6 logins. A classic example is solo gankers who have one account active and scanning ship cargos, and several other accounts including one for loot…just sitting there waiting. Amazing how so much ganker rhetoric is against ‘AFK miners’…yet so much ganker activity itself involves AFK. Its yet another example of the absurd double standards that reign supreme in Eve. Yeah, lets just rename ‘AFK’ to ‘multiboxing’ and nobody will notice.

Gankers never multibox, that’s a CODE. violation.


Your lot might not…but there are videos on Youtube of people doing just that. For solo gankers it is practically ‘essential’…as the loot ship cant be the one that’s doing the shooting.

That’s not true at all, solo gankers are by definition alone. They would not multibox because then they would no longer be solo. James 315 made it illegal to multibox back in 2012, when he declared that multiboxing is a bumping offense.

Loot ships are piloted by volunteers, and they are not multibox accounts.


This is one guy playing on four accounts…the very definition of multiboxing…

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That’s not true at all, he just made the video for clicks, but it’s fictional and not an actual evidence of real gameplay experience. Just contact a ganker in game, and they will tell you that they are soloboxing, I have never run more than one account, and every other ganker I know is completely dependent on teamwork with other solo gankers. We literally cannot multibox because we are all sworn to follow the Code of New Halaima which explicitly outlaws and forbids all forms of multiboxing. Just send an ingame message to James 315 and he will explain to you his reasoning.


Lol. And I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn you can gank.

How does this solo ganker possibly collect the loot without multiboxing ??


You and your buddies playing the game at that level isn’t killing the game. You just make it boring for yourselves and those subs definitely aren’t killling the game.


I don’t see anything wrong with multiboxing in EVE CCP even encourages it. A real fleet of 20 vs a multi box fleet of 20. The real people will always beat the boxer.


Basically, EVE is RTS game when multiboxing is involved. IMO, if you like the genre, there are much better and less expensive options out there.


You guys are free to leave, ya know?

You don’t have to sit here and cry for decades.


Oh, the classical complaining about complainers; let me tell you that many just post here out of boredom and aren’t active subscribers :slight_smile: (me included).

Oh, we know.


I don’t agree that Multi-box gaming has destroyed EVE, but it is making a certain aspect of EVE harder to enjoy: multi-PLAYER gaming.

As a returning player with a fairly long hiatus I can see some pretty drastic differences between how players used to play and how they play now. I don’t claim any expertise on in-game skills, but I see a lot less socializing in-game. The socializing is now on a meta-level (e.g. discord, mumble, etc.). There was always meta-level socializing, of course, but that seems to have taken over.

I don’t see people talking in local, corp, or even alliance chat like they used to. Additionally, there used to be a lot more interaction between players with different specialties (the miner would work with the industrialist, the PVE pilot would work with a salvage pilot, etc.). Now that everyone can multi-box, they can meet their own needs and working with another pilot introduces inefficiencies or unknown quantities that reduce their rate of return.

Obviously everyone’s experience is different, so maybe I am just not in the right corp chats or system locals…but I’ve seen evidence that this is a common experience in that many players aren’t even familiar with the IDEA of how to work together. The go-to seems to be to build your own alt for “vertical integration” of your playstyle.

I see this as a net-negative because it seems to discourage new players who have trouble finding a purpose or goal. If your corp-mates don’t need anything, then it’s hard to get engaged.

Some groups do intentionally fight against this, paying more or accepting a “less efficient” process by giving priority to corp-mates.

I wonder how much of an impact it would really have on one of these multi-boxing players if they only played one account. I know I have more fun trying to make more friends than trying to make more ISK.

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New players can multibox, same as anyone else.

Not denying that, in any way. I don’t think your average new player has the experience, skill, or even awareness of the benefits to multibox. Each player learns at a different speed, but if it takes a few months just to find out your “best” bet is to pay for multiple accounts…that would discourage me.