Veterans decreasing multiboxing

Some fellow vetrans (around 60-70) friends of mine playing since something like 2005-2006 have decreased multiboxing due to price hikes.

So instead of 60 players paying for 3 accounts (180 accounts), and now paying for on average 1,5 accounts (90 subscriptions) isn’t ccp losing money? And this is just my group of friends.

Imagine all of them how much loss that is.

I used to also multibox on 3 accounts, sometimes 4. Now just one. Instead of 500 euros i pay each year now it is only around 150…

Raising prices = less money?



they should use bots to gets things done.

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For yrs, ppl have been crying about bots. Yrs ago, I said CCP should just rent out their own. Can’t gank them with diminished returns. Much like CCP got in on rmt with plex.

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You mean have a premium account feature in Eve, where the client AFK mines for you while you are sleeping?

True Offline Mining Idea -->


That works! Great idea! More $$$ for CCP.

“Introduce even more afk type gameplay”

That seems to be what players these days want.

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You do realize thats how moon mining used to be right? Youd set up the POS and the extraction and youd need to empty it every month with a JF. But the people that held moons back then did so with a monopoly on them as leadership and CCP wanted line members to get moon goo profits so they made them mineable.

wow what a bunch of noobs replying

noobs are what you’re stuck with.

Newb miner right here

Not very many of the people I’ve EVE’d with over the years still sub. The vast majority of them don’t even F2P it. It’s pretty much tumbleweeds and dustbunnies in my EVE contact list.

That said, until the price change, there were still a half-dozen who multi-account subbed, although I think only 2 of them actually multibox those accounts.

Haven’t checked since just before Christmas, but when we were talking about Christmas events, other games etc, turns out of the 6, 2 have cancelled all their subs, 3 are only subbing one account now, and the last guy is down to 2 accounts from 4. So yes, less money coming in, and fewer EVE hours played.

It’s not as large a sample as Michelle’s, but I don’t think anyone needed a crystal ball to predict what would happen if CCP raised prices after 2-3 years of crushing gameplay activity.

Well, except CCP of course.


I’ve just returned to the game after a few years to find that running two accounts now costs almost as much as my internet per month in Australia ($60). That is unsustainable for me so I won’t be renewing when the omega time runs out. And because most of the ships on both toons are T2, F2P is pointless.

It’s a shame.

Well…you are talking about the company that left many millions of easy monies from selling their then-enthusiastic playerbase merch / simple ship models etc unscooped all those years for some reason…and who decided selling a few ingame cosmetic items for player-angering greedisgood prices was a better idea than making much more money overall by selling many more almost-free-to-produce pixel cosmetics instead…soo…

Today I had fired up twitch to stream a stunt / dare (instead of watching other twitch streams that is)

Anyway I get a visit from my long old New Eden Friend Danny who told me that he too has been busy and doesnt really have the time to log in. He did however log in and it was such a wonderful day chatting with him.,. Even though he is still Horde I respect him for who is really is a top notch New Eden Pilot.

I could share more about that but I rather just leave it at that and want to say I respect those who still reach out… But the Veterans that’s who I want to say Good Afternoon *1800’s style) to for not keeping contact with your New Eden buddies

Less multiboxing is better for the game. I don’t care about CCP’s pockets. But considering we are back at 25k in EU primetime, they just raised their profits with it anyway.

Also, why would these multiboxers quit? Did they paid cash to sub their 10+ accounts? That is hard to believe, generally speaking multiboxers pays one, two at best, accounts directly via cash and the rest of the accounts are funded from ingame money turned into PLEX. And cost of the PLEX is player driven.

There was a PLEX price spike during holidays, but since december we are back where we were and PLEX is still cheap atm.

The only (economic) thing that I heard affected massive multiboxers a lot is the injector price. So the usual method of training SP on an alt, extracting it and turning into injector to sell it, is not that profitable anymore and does not allow to cover the monthly expenses.

That being said, I do see this trend too, however it is from different reason - with all these new graphic “enhancements” EVE has gotten too RAM and GPU hungry and is causing massive crashes and freezes with multiple clients opened at the same time. In 2017 I was able to multibox 8 clients with just 8gb RAM, last year, I was getting crashes and freezes with just 3, so I upgraded to 16GB RAM, but even with that, the 7 were my limit, once I booted up 8th (during the 7days free omega event) it was unplayable again. So there is that…

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Allegedly (and this is speculation so treat it as such) CCP makes hand over fist in the cosmetic department for paid skins, paid attire, etc.

Not sure PA‘s earning report breakdowns go into that level of detail though. So I treat this with a heap of salt.

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