Adapt, or gtfo

From day 1, EVE has been a game for those who can adapt. Those players still play the game.

It’s these noobs (2009-present) players who are like cats - any change is cause for a complaint.

Nothing has been so bad that it has caused adapted players to lose their cool.

I still:

  • live in nul
  • hardly ever dock up
  • afk mine ice for hours
  • take huge amounts of salvage and junk to highsec each month
  • hardly ever lost a ship unless drunk
  • solo level 5’s without being hassled
  • spend weeks in wormholes doing fun stuff

and the list goes on. Solo life is great, corp life is great and helping out alliances is great.

Plex prices, however, are ridiculous in high sec. Most corps hand them out for 350m-500m (not noob corps, but established one).

I have heard rumors about some corps like Pirat and Code - which are a drop in the sea (nuicance wise) compared to the real big bad wolves (not pointing any fingers coughBoBcough

If you read the old forums - you can figure out this sandbox is really “adapt or gtfo” - something htfu.

My 0.02 isk




Huh? I know of a few newbro corps that have injector raffles for their newbros, and a few established corps that give out plex for highest activity and such. But none that just plex all their member’s accounts… And congrats on enjoying your solo life? Most people enjoy playing MMOs with other people, just saying.

If you wanna know why plex is so high I can give you a 2 word answer. It starts with “Injector” ends with “Farms.” It has nothing to do with corp/alliance incentive programs.

But ya, I’ve been around since 06 and this whole thing sounds like you’re bitter because blackout was reverted or people’s complaining about X, Y, or Z. You’d think you’d have learned to shrug most of that off by now. People have stupid opinions all the time and CCP makes mistakes in balance all the time. If it really is about blackout this long after the fact - let it die! Blackout doomed to fail just like we had been telling the crowd that screamed for it for YEARS before CCP lost their damn minds and actually tried cramming it down everyone’s throats.

99/100 the playerbase can (and has) predict what a change will do to the game as well as any possible exploits in the system long before it’s released when CCP takes the time to tell us or… test… something before hand. They would actually do well to listen-alter-release, not release-wait-patch(or ignore) after the damage has been done. It’s literally been this way since I started.


Weird, I only see large amounts of post after every change… whining about the changes. Maybe those are made by actual WoW players that came to make these (and the previous two) forums look bad since 2004.


Yes, adapt to the garbage.


350m-500m per unit of plex?

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Whining is of all times, people whined in 2003 as well.


he means old plex which today is 500 plex to make one old. If corps are handing out plex for 350 - 500mil point me to corp I’d happily join for plex at that price. BUT I recon he’s full of something other then blood and bones :stuck_out_tongue:

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Plex price is market balanced.

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Yeah, ok.

That’s sort of the “accept or don’t” decision that affects all of life’s interactions

Marriage, jobs, patronage of a business, religion, hobbies, friendships, citizenship, etc…

We either accept what it is… or we don’t and we terminate the relationship.

I think terming the game’s premise as part of a “take it or leave it” paradigm that’s inherent in all games seems a bit silly.

The discussions you seem to see as trivial are about the potential implications of the large number of people who have chosen “leave it” and the also large number of people who are considering “leave it” and the potential implications for the game.

Congratulations on your infinite tolerance… but I don’t think your willingness to consume this product regardless of its condition negates my concerns over whether it’s usable for me.

I think it’s been sanitized to the point of staleness… and the grittiness is gone.

And I chose GTFO just like all the rest of the highsec criminals did… but I’m still watching in case they turn the crime back on.

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Hek is awesome again!

At least during the weekend it’s apparently well populated and verbally active,
so I’m back and it’s quite awesome!

I have over 5000 turrets, ordered 100 ships from some new player,
local loves me and I’m at 720 bookmarks and counting.

The problem isn’t the game. (okay, to be fair, it’s a big part of the problem…)

It’s you. (…but this still is the bigger part.)


10 year vet is a noob
whatever dumb topic


Sol, you’re an oak. And you are right about me, in a manner of speaking.

And yeah, were I more tolerant I could do what you’re doing.

Keep in mind, the lay-off that got me terminated thousands of players like me. I speak on these forums almost as a speaker for the dead.

I’m not a ganker. I was a purist in the dueling/drama’ing culture of yore and I’m not going to become a ganker.

It was never tears I played for.

I think CCP needs to realize what changed. I honestly don’t think they were aware of the economy of drama and stories that kept highsec alive.

In the statement of HTFU or GTFO… I chose GTFO… which is a legitimate selection.

I will come back when they realize Triglavian frigates ganking noobs isn’t a good replacement for what I brought to the game.

Then they will give us a reasonable crime mechanic, perhaps, and maybe I’ll be back.

I’m somewhere between laid-off and on-strike, I suppose.

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I’m not telling you to gank.

I’m telling you to find a new segment,
instead of holding on to the past.

We’ve been through this before. :slight_smile:

Let’s see what they bring to the table next week.
They’re promising us a core gameplay update.

We’ll see if it makes or breaks the game.


Oh and … thanks! :smiley:
Coming from you it really means something. :smiley:

Unless you’re from Africa, where it’s considered an insult.



I’ve returned dozens of times and tried dozens of things.

Keep-in mind that I moved to hunting with mercs AFTER they killed small gang shenanigans. I’m sure that you are aware of the progression of those mechanics… but it’s been like someone was following me around with the nerf stick for a decade.

What you propose is right… but I have tried it and tried it, and tried it…

Too old of a dog, perhaps.

The game’s main drama mechanics died in the year leading up to the Retribution patch with some changes to the way they were handling petitionable actions.

Farming simulator online has kept them going since…

Let’s see what they do.

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I am returning after 4-years and have a few weeks under my belt. I know this will likely be unpopular with the masochist fan base, but I am enjoying the changes. This game needs to change to survive. Just looking for fit/advice you can see something is going on with the player base. Most search hits are 2018 and prior.

There is no way this game can retain the average 2019 Gamers attention with year long training cycles and obscure year old forum posts providing insights.

I have my omega main account and started two alpha characters. I am loving the daily skill quests, and the extra bonus with alpha injectors. I feel motivated to login and do level 1/2 missions to get a small bonus to skills daily. I know this is temporary, but I think this should be a standard and added in more ways. This is the stuff that will get fresh blood and potentially reinvigorate old players engaging in a full range of content.

Instead of arduous farms, giving skill based rewards will provide players with an explicit process that encourages logging in and exploring the vast universe of eve.


Back in the day, mining was a boring as it is now.

However, there was a very real need to work together to do it effectively with mitigated risk.

You could spend half your time in warp with bantams full of ore… or you could mine into a jet can… but I’d you didn’t have friends that incurred the risk of someone stealing it.

Decisions, decisions… and they mattered.

And they were worth talking about… which is what the forums were for.

Today’s noob gets a venture, hops to the belts… and starts a 15 minute mining cycle (about how long it takes to fill a venture with noobs skills).

In that time, I’d the rock is big enough… no interaction with the game is needed.

There is literally nothing to do.

And no decisions that need to be made.

And no real risks to mitigate… unless a Triglavian rat shows up.

What is there to talk about? What do noobs need to band together for? Why bother with the risk and effort of forging a team… there isn’t anything to overcome.

How many times will I start a mining cycle and sit there, staring at the screen, wondering what to do now?


Serious question:

Why is there not a single kill on your killboard?
You’ve lost 68 ships without even whoring on a single kill.

How did you do that??