Add arrows to Probe Scan / Directional Scan windows


(Garen Lemmont) #1

I noticed just now, when attempting to find a WH to deliver me back to my lowsec home, that the “Probe Size” bar of the Probe Scan window was changed in the last release.

Not sure why, but it is no longer possible to quickly adjust your deployed probe scan bubble size by clicking on the slider. NOW, if you click along the “Probe Size” bar, your bubble size adjusts directly to whichever little tic mark you clicked next to. Incredibly annoying!

That’s fine, learn a new way to quickly adjust bubble size I suppose as I’m sure this change made scanning better in some way to someone :thinking:, but…

Is there a way to incorporate a pair of buttons (i.e. left arrow/right arrow) into the dead space to the left of the “Probe Size” bar to permit sliding the Probe Size scale manually?

Perhaps incorporate this same set of arrows into the Directional Scanner interface (at the bottom), to permit scale sliding of both the “Range” and “Angle” bars?

I remain hopeful that this idea is acted upon by CCP in an emergency patch, perhaps in the next day or two. :wink:

Halfway home, only forty lowsec jumps left!

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(David Potts) #2

Well you can bypass the preset setting by clicking the number and inputting your own number, so lets say you have it the scan range at 4 AU, well you can change it to 4.5 or 4.6 and so on

(system) #3

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