Add Minimun Account Age to Ship Class Requirements

It is grossly unhealthy for new players to plex up to big expensive ships that when lost cause them to cry and quit.

Especially the capital ships.

How do you tell who is capable and who isn’t. This isn’t an account age thing it’s a person thing.


The old skilling system was essentially that, because it took a certain amount of time to train the skills to sit in and then fly ship classes.

Adding in a minimum age now kind of defeats a lot of the purpose of skill injectors and we’d go back to seeing threads asking for the limit to be removed because people should be allowed to fly what they want, whether that’s really healthy for their game experience or not.

You say “unhealthy,” I do not think that word means what you think it means, actually it’s good business to offer goods and services that people choose to pay for


I think it is actually very healthy for both new players and the game too.

If a new player goes wallet warrior leroy jenkins style and loses his expensive stuff due to lack of player skill and experience he will do one of two things (optionally after crying on the forums for a while):

  1. Harden the F up and continue playing (optionally learning from past mistakes) or
  2. Ragequit.

Both are perfectly good for the player as they either realize this game is not for them and find something suitable or they find out this game is really for them and become a true EVE player.

Seems perfectly healthy both cases.


This would remove a huge money making opportunity for CCP.

Nope, if a newbie wants to buy lots of plex and inject into the ships that take years to train with an omega sub, he has the right to do so.




Plus, OP’s suggestion would deny more experience players quite a few hilariously comical killmails, and I couldn’t possibly support that…


Not sure how more barriers to entry will make the game healthier. A more detailed tutorial would probably be more helpful for what you’re talking about. So far it just teaches newbies to shoot at drifters and always orbit using guns.

  1. It’s harder to abuse alts for everything.

  2. Genuine new players are protected from the temptation to RMT their way into ships they aren’t able to use effectively yet.

Of course given CCP’s incentive to profit from alt abuse and RMTing this kind of ban will never happen.

Think about this:
Player 1 - Has had an account for 2 years, but only plays for maybe 2-3 hours a week. (300+hrs)
Player 2- Has had an account for 6 months, but puts in 6 hours a day. (1000+hrs)

What makes player 1 deserve more over player 2?
Your idea is flawed.

6 months?

I was thinking restrictions in the 30-60-90 DAY RANGE.

Lol, can’t wait until a titan dies in highsec because he stole a can in jita :slight_smile:

nah your idea is dumb


“alt abuse” is just you gaslighting because of unknown reasons that all amount to operator error on your part. Either you lack the resources, the hardware, or the necessary mental acuity to manage additional accounts. At the end of the day, that is a your problem, nobody elses.

Alternatively, I prefer a game in which you have one character per player and can’t use alts to hide from the consequences of your actions. I never said I am unable to use alts, or that I don’t take full advantage of the options CCP has foolishly provided.

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