Add more then 3 charaters per account

Would be nice if ccp could add more then 3 characters per account, Would be nice if could have 4 or even 5. Got used to other games like World of warcraft you can have way more then 3.

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And then it would be nice to be able to share a wallet between characters and even share hangars. But we cant have nice things you know!

I mean world of warcraft have Account Bound items (Since 2008!!) that you can freely send and use between your characters. Even between factions despite factions being segregated in all other ways, last i checked.

Anyway what is so wrong with an Account Wallet and Account Hangar. So there is Character Hangar, Corporation Hangar, and Account Hanger (And wallet)

An Account Hangar that all characters on the account can access opens the door to remove the awkward “Claim items” things and of course also removes the awkward contract juggling when sending between chars. Just drag and drop into the account hangar and voila! Same thing if one of your characters ran low on ISK. No problem! You can pull some out of the Account wallet, assuming thats not empty either. Less logging in and out to send ISK between your characters yea

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Why not 6 or 7?

Why not 20 like in Diablo games? heck… make it 50?

I for one think 3 is just fine, if you have too many you hyper specialize each and every character and have to constantly swap between them. Would it really be worth it? or are you just looking to have X amount of free PI characters for the cost of 1 account?

I mean, i can always find a use for more probing alts. The additional pi would be a very mixed blessing.
But then, I’d also have more krab’alts for multiple bearholes…

Honestly, I think three per account is fine.

And ots not a shared bag in wow xD you need to send it between your chars… same as you can do in eve
… just send it to your alt via contract !

Each character is not limited to one class or spec in EVE Online so it makes little sense to have multiple characters like in other games where each character is limited to one or two specs and there being maybe over 30 different specs in total.

That being said being able to share hangers and even wallets with other characters in EVE would be a nice feature it seems. But off topic, sorry.

Why not 20? Where do we stop? :laughing:

Change for the sake of change ideas never work out.
Or change X mechanic because Y game does it is never a great idea.

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Only and big reason would like to see more then 3 is the cost of having the fund more accounts. Currently I have 3 omega accounts would be nice to have more character slots per account. I know the limit is to make players spend more money.

Why not the other way?

Reduce the number of characters to 1 or 2.

You only play one account character at a time, which is the legal way to play unlimited numbers of alphas. Form an alt corps to share everything.

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There is no way you can legally play more than one (1) Alpha account at the same time. It violates the ToS.

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Obviously she knows that.