Unlimited characters per account

hey i think the limit of 3 characters is a bit annoying and i would actually like to merge all my characters under a single account. i mean just to avoid having to close the game and load it up again when switching account. its just what happens in these mmos people create more and more characters. but EVE online is limited to 3 per account which is odd? im sure there is a good reason but i think its time to consider wether the limit should be raised. Maybe? Or maybe not

Also CCP revenues are dropping in EVE online and they keep doing stupid things that dont help. Like for example raising the price of subcription. That is such a dumb way to try and increase revenue. It may work in short term but players are going to consider cancelling it more than ever. I mean people arent forced to pay for a subscription. CCP doesent have a monopoly. But they seem to act like it. Anyway thats besides the point.

PLEXes should be incorporated more into the game. For example creating a new character could cost plex. Its the plexes and intelligent ways to use them for things that are in demand that will boost CCP revenue + polishing the game, making it a real nugget of gold. Thats how you will increase revenues. Not these low IQ marketing efforts and subcription price increases. Come on. How much do your guys in charge get paid? And what do they get paid for? It is certainly not to improve the game and attract more players than are leaving because that hasnt really happend for 10 years. Anyway thats besides the point. Have a nice day.

You can do this from the neocom without closing the game out. You can now switch characters.

Not like you can play with all 3 at one time, so idk why you are mad about the limit.

You must be talking solely about Alpha accounts, as you don’t have to close anything and reload with Omega. I can have both my Omega accounts open at same time and switch between characters without ever once re-logging. If you had Omegas you would notice this…which makes me think all you have is Alphas.

Must be all those people who aren’t actually paying for the game, eh.

Oh, and how about posting on your main rather than some 2 day old alt.

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Those not running multiple boxing would only need to pay for one omega account if they were all combined.

–That’s not Gadget, though

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Sure. More options attract more players. And when you start moving them to Omega, CCP gets the $20 for you to transfer them to new accts. Everybody wins \O/

Though as a guy who rarely has less than ten characters logged in at once, I wouldn’t be taking advantage of the everything on one acct option.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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This is a troll post when I see comments like this.

Care to elaborate?

@Dreg_Apc Worrying about other people’s money, lol. I don’t see the point. CCP has experts for their experts who report to professionals who work for professionals… Posting this sort of threads does less effect than farting in the wind, even if you have a Master’s of Business Administration.

You’re sure there’s a good reason so maybe not.

Would you insult your employer at the same time asking them for a raise? It’s what you pretty much did here. :laughing:

Not even going to argue the merits of your post. If you call CCP’s marketing team and what they do “low IQ.” Pretty darn mean tbh. :cry:

Reminds of the ones who scream at cops “i pay your salary you should do what i tell you”

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Why is describing someone as low IQ being mean? If i called someone with low IQ smart that would be worse. Its like lying. Say nothing at all? How is that better

This would probably negatively affect industry profits as well as CCP profits from industry alts.

CCP profits are already hurting but also what hurts profits is when you start putting in or leaving out things solely for the purpose of profit. I know it sounds wrong. But as a company you are delivering a product or service that people are supposed to like. And nobody likes a product or service that has features and what not designed to increase profits. People like features that help them or that is fun. Thats how you increase profits. End of rant.

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I dont think Steve Jobs cared much about money. But Apple still became one of the most profitable companies in the world.

So whats the benefit of having more than 3 characters one 1 account? Still can only play with 1 at any time

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The guy infamously screwed Woz during the Atari years. Paid him a flat hundred or so bucks to optimize the transistor layout in an arcade machine to reduce their number. Steve then turned around and got paid several hundred bucks per transistor when he handed the design to Nolan Bushnell. The other Atari engineers couldn’t figure out why it worked (it just did) so they wound up adding transistors back in the design so they could make sense of it.

Steve pocketed the difference and took Woz‘s credit of being some sort of electrical engineering genius. He played both sides.

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The only thing I can think of is to have omega on more than 3 characters.

But if CCP were to give players unlimited character slots, you’d probably either have to pay plex for account slots, and/or omega would only be allocated to 3 characters.

I just remembered. Please dont move the characters around on the login screen. You know what i mean? Dont ever move them around? There are only 3 slots, and they should never change places imo

Why are you talking about $100 ?

Ugh look at this from Wozniak himself. He explains the world knows about two Steve Jobs, and then he says Steve Jobs treated Wozniak well.