Add NET Resonators in Data sites ♥

With the new major change of pirates ships crafting, and the need to have a lift up for Data sites, I propose to add NET Resonators in Data sites :slight_smile:

  1. Not in high sec sites

  2. Low sec : From 1 (or zero ?) to 10 NET Resonators per site maximum (we have to count 1m per NET Resonators trough LP Stores)

  3. Null sec and Wormholes : From 1 to 20 (or maybe more… 30) NET Resonators.

All according to existant sites : Central serpentis will drop Serpentis Resonators, Blood raiders sites will drop… You got it : Blood NET Resonators.

What it will add ?

  1. It will stimulate way more explorers to run Data sites (for now due to long distance between cans and the not so interresting loot inside, players rush relic sites but not data sites).

  2. You will find Serpentis, Blood raiders, Sansha that is less easy to have trough LP store compare to now Angel cartel and Gursistas (who makes a lot of LP trough Insurgencies).

  3. It will keep a lower price for pirates ships to be more affordable for everyone (specially new players who can access to them in an easier way in skills than T2 ships)

If we are sure to find 1 NET Resonators in a data site in low sec and null sec /wormholes, players will feel more free and indipendant to buy a blue print and craft it by themself (bcse trough exploration they can find them).

  1. To compensate and give attractivity to LP Stores : reduce the isk price to 1m per Resonator to : 500 000 Isk (and maybe the amount of LP too), to allow them to be more competitiv on the market (but will reduce the value of resonators…) —> But it is maybe not a good idea to change LP price…

  2. Low sec players lost a lot of income from Gas sites who where related to the craft of pirates ship, it will give them back trough data sites a way to have an extra income (and will give more value in low sec data sites).


Where do you currently find those items? I had been looking for ‘Blood NET Resonators’ without luck so far.

Not seeing why data sites need a lift up?

Looking at where these are currently available, it looks like they’re sourced there for a very particular reason.

Do tell us what that reason is and why you think it needs to be changed.

LP stores

Ignore the 404, the link takes you to the list of who carries what.

Taking a couple weeks to train up one of your character slots to do basic FW looks like a very easy way to keep a steady supply of both these and the faction BPCs.