Add new descriptions to old Celestial Beacon Locations

The new Celestial Beacons, like Fleet Muster Points, New Beacons, when clicking “Show Info” have an interesting description about the place of interest in a Solar System.

There’s MANY old one’s however, with interesting titles and Lore related, but no description, just the Name of the Site. Sites such as “Old Minmatar Ruins”, “Clubs / Casino’s”, old COSMOS Beacons, “Battlefield Ruins”.
But when you click “Show Info” - All you get it: “Fitted with a power flash-battery, this beacon sends out signals throughout the entire solar system.”

I think it’s time to UPDATE many of the Old Celestial Beacons with Descriptions of the place.

  • New Players can more easily learn about in-game Lore of the 4 Ancient Factions, Big area’s of Battlegrounds + When the Battle took Place, between whom and why - what many Monuments are for and when they were established, what those Casino’s / Club’s are and whom they are run by.

  • Expand the Lore - Players Old and New can learn A LOT easier the Universe of New Eden. Why and how something happened, why is the beacon there?

  • Agents - Some agents have the Star Shaped Icon, some have the Celestial Beacon. Yes, the name of the Agent is there, but let the Beacon include which Corporation and Empire that Agent represents, instead of having to warp in and click “Show Info” on the Agent. EXAMPLE:

– When I was playing Penumbra Epic Arc - In Astoh I couldn’t warp to the Agent after Requesting but not Accepting the Mission. The Beacon was simply called: Caldari Navy Relay Nexus. I didn’t know the Epic Arc Agent was there, and the “Start Conversation” would NOT allow me to Warp to him, saying “You must complete the mission before Warping to him”, but the Mission wasn’t even accepted yet. I had to get help from the Help Channel to locate him (Agent Sinas Egassuo’s Chimera). The Description of the Beacon would have helped me had it said: “Agent Sinas is located commanding the Caldari Navy Fleet here” or something along those lines.

  • EASY TO UPDATE - For the Developers, it should not take much time to simply edit text descriptions for beacons. Yes, there’s a lot of Beacons, but CCP can start one step at a time? For Example: First the Lore (Ancient Ruins, Battlefields, Monuments, etc), and then after an update, focus on the Agents.


  • Honestly, none that I can think of. I know that the premise is “The Players make create the Lore”, but there is A LOT of interesting In-Game New Eden Universe Lore that I still want to learn more about. What ever happened to the 4 Ancient Factions (well, besides Sleepers, whom we know are back, and are with the Drifters, but even the Drifters haven’t received any updates for YEARS now).

Should be an easy fix, yet it can Enhance Immersion and make Travelling Easier to many players, enticing them in the New Eden Lore, instead of having Newbros for example think “Oh, it’s just a Sandbox with random stuff in space”, what’s the History behind said “stuff” in space? What if they are busy on a Distribution Mission and don’t want to waste time warping to it, or are scared or potential enemies in that warp beacon?

What do you guys think? I’m just tired of the whole “Fitted with a power flash-battery, this beacon sends out signals throughout the entire solar system.” when in reality the places are very interesting to visit (but when I was new, I was scared to visit some of them, thinking pirates are there, or not knowing a location was part of a COSMOS mission - Which can also be added to the description, such as: “There are Agents that are interested in Capsuleers investigating these Ancient Ruins / Places. Relics can be found here [to let us know to bring a Relic Analyzer] or [Capsuleers can expect pirates to be at this site]” for COSMOS area’s.


I believe players use to suggest the descriptions and send to somebody in CCP for approval and inclusion.

Do you have a link where I can write to them a suggestive description for a Beacon?

Or do I just start a ticket and write the locations & descriptions there? (Though I’m sure they’ll just refer me to the forums if I do that judging from last experience).