Add Previews to Emblems

As of now, you can’t currently preview what an emblem will look like on a ship before purchase, it would be nice to preview it like a SKIN.


Yeah it would be good to be able to preview how they look on ships, especially since we have to wait 23 hours in order to earn more…EverMarks(?).
The cost of earning these is also mad high for us to not be able to at least preview the reward.

And sometimes I regret getting that particular one because of it’s placement on the ship so it would be nice to see first

Emblem previews would be amazing!!

That’s a +1 from me.

I just don’t understand the universal placement of emblems…why choose the front and rear of the ship along the axis? Why not instead put them on the port or starboard forward or aft quarters? Take the Corax as an example, the ship literally is designed based on a naval vessel and yet rather than put the emblems on the sides of the ship we choose to put it on the front and back and because there is a seem along each that means the emblem has to sit on the top facing up where no one is going to see it unless they enjoy a bird eye view of their ship constantly. Most people will get a side view of their ship more often than a forward or rear view. For vertical ships, I can understand the front and back placement but horizontal-based ships should be on the sides. Regardless a preview would be a great QoL change to decide if the placement looks good without committing resources to buy it…but in truth, the art dept should be placing it in locations on the ship where a preview shouldn’t be needed because they will look good.

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