Possible to view Emblems without buying?

I wanted to see what an emblem would look like on a super or titan to see if it’s worth buying.

Is it possible to view? I tried to find youtube video examples for capitals, but didn’t find any.

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trade me the titan and I’ll check

Corp emblems really need to be increased in size as they generally go on the front of the ship and are pretty small. Alliance emblems are much more visible, and larger. I’d like an option to place the corp emblem where the alliance one goes, if the corp is not in an alliance. How about it… CCP ?

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Thanks for the info! I would probably do the alliance one based on that.

Do you have any screenshots you could share? I saw a youtube video with one on a frigate. It looked ok, but I’d love to see one on a battleship, capital ship, etc.

You can see emblems before you buy them.
You need one ship that has both emblems already on it to do this.

First, be docked, and have your emblem ship in the same hanger.
Get in the ship WITHOUT emblems, wait a bit, then switch to the ship WITH emblems.
Before the first ship despawns, you will see the emblems appear on it for about 1 second, since the ship your switching to has emblems active.
You can do this a few times to get a better look and see how they are.
This works on sub capitals, not sure if it works on the big ones due to how they derez and rez in the hanger, but its worth a try.