Add refresh button next to the Kill Right icon to refresh it?

It seems to be an old bug?? that UI presents and shows that a target has a Kill Right on them. You can even click it and see the price you would have to pay for the Kill RIght. But just as you click to pay it either says that the Kill Right is no longer avaialble or it updates the current one to a new one (if the target has multiple Kill Right on them) with a new ISK value. Point is that it only updates the Ui element when you click on the Activate Kill Right button. So if that is the button to both commit to buying the Kill Right and update it. Could we have a refresh button next to it which only runs the update command so we can update the Kill Right without having to try to pay for it?

If the bug present would be solved all together great but the displaying of a Kill Right that is not available to activate seems like a UI issue. This is not new to Photon but is still pressent.

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