Adding account to SiSi will not send verification code to email. Emails are never received

I’ve tried multiple accounts with multiple different emails. None of them will send. Earlier today all of my accounts were in an alpha state and could not omega them on SiSi. Said they were in Omega but still could not fly anything or do anything that required Omega status. I am now not able to log in with all but one of my accounts.

You have to manually make each one of them Omega, and this goes in Test server feedback not general issues (you can move it yourself)

but when you are logged in on SiSi, you have to buy 500 plex for 50k isk, to upgrade to Omega.

as far as verification emails, I think SiSi has a problem of not liking 2FA

I made them each Omega. It didn’t help. That is no longer the issue though.

Now they cannot be added to SiSi.

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